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31 Dec 2009
Filipe Luis gave an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Brazilian talked about his career at Deportivo and also about his expectations for the future.

Q: Was 2009 the most important year of Filipe?
A: Personally, it was a great year for me, the best in my career, because I feel I'm growing as a player. I think I still haven’t reached the pinnacle, but I will go over there trying to keep working with the same strength.

Q: Is this the product of your silent work?
A: Yes, every time you are at this level, at Primera División, and playing a lot of games [78 consecutively] you live a lot of things and all the situations help to learn and grow. I grew a lot as a person too, I have realised in whom I can trust and in whom not, and time showed me the truth. I'm very happy for everything that has happened to me, it helped me to learn and to be a better person.

Q: Was the arrival of Lotina a key for your progression?
A: We have spent many years together. He already knows me and I also know him perfectly. I know what he wants, he was very patient with me, taught me to defend and I am grateful for that.

Q: Are you the player you dreamed to be?
A: A player at this level always wants to play, always want to demonstrate things and I always had high expectations of being a player at the elite. I tried to work, I tried to take everything seriously, because this is my profession, it’s what I am doing and things are going well, but we must continue working because football is momentum.

Q: And that taking in mind that you arrived to A Coruña when Europe was about to close its doors.
A: No, I made a great year at Castilla. I played 37 games and can not complain about anything, because Real Madrid opened the doors to Spain. At Ajax I had not played, but it was my fault for being very young and not knowing how European football was, I didn’t adapt and that cost me. But I always had great confidence in me; I always was a very ambitious player and will remain so.

Q: Do you feel more mature on the field, able to take the responsibility?
A: I never was afraid of any pressure or responsibility. I always wanted to give everything, to play the most difficult games, even when I was younger. In Brazil I played with the best when I was 17. I came here and I had to play at the Nou Camp, I was a little anxious, but always with great confidence and that's never been a problem.

Q: Your momentum has coincided with the exceptional moment of your team.
A: It demonstrates that the whole team is very united, much focused on the daily work. People want to be up there and that was the key.

Q: Everybody praises the good atmosphere at the locker room.
A: Everybody respect each other. We are always going out in the evenings and do things, and it is something noticed on the field, because people want to see the tem mate doing well.

Q: What do you want from 2010?
A: Health and the chance to play, to continue growing and for that you have to keep working.

Q: Will you continue to grow at Depor?
A: Undoubtedly, we must grow up here and I will continue working, because work is what brought me here.



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