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01 Jan 2010
First POM of the season for Dani Aranzubia; the Basque keeper shone in the defeat against Barcelona, while he also made important saves in the liga match with Almeria. Meanwhile, Colotto ends the year at the top of the global ranking.

Deportivo only played three liga matches during the month of December, and Lotina’s team was unable to win any of those encounters as it drew with UD Almeria (1-1) and Valencia (0-0) and as the remaining match was the 1-3 defeat at the Riazor against Barcelona (FC).

Perhaps that’s the reason why the defensive players prevailed in the voting of the month, because RCDLC.com Peña members preferred this kind of men in those three matches. Starting with Daniel Aranzubia, who claimed his first MOM of the season with his saves against Barcelona FC.  Despite allowing three goals in that match, the Basque almost gained the triple of points than Colotto and Manuel Pablo, defensive duo that ended in second place.

Later Aranzubia ended third in the next voting against UD Almeria, in that opportunity Juan Rodriguez was first and Manuel Pablo second. To emphasise that the three points gained in the game against Barcelona has allowed Diego Colotto to climb into the first place of the global ranking.

In the final match of 2009, the Peña members picked an offensive player as the best man of the match: Andrés Guardado, curiously it was a goalless match (0-0 Vs Valencia), second in the list was central defender Albert Lopo, and third .

This is the first POM award for Daniel Aranzubia during the current season, and it’s the fourth since his arrival to Deportivo. The Basque keeper won three during the past campaign: September/2008, October/2008 and May/2009.


Vs. Barcelona (Liga - 5/12/09)

1st. Aranzubia - 5 points (40)

2nd. Colotto & Manuel Pablo        3 points (15)

3rd. Adrian & Lopo - 1 point (7)

Vs Almeria (Liga - 13/12/09)

1st. J. Rodriguez - 5 points (24)

2nd. Manuel Pablo - 3 points (18)

3rd. Aranzubia - 1 point (9)

Vs Valencia  (Liga 20/12/09)

1st. Guardado 5 points (25)

2nd. Lopo 3 points (17)

3rd. Valerón 1 point (14)

As it was said before, Diego Colotto is now the new leader in the voting after adding three points in the defeat with Barcelona, now the Argentine has one point of advantage over Juca and Guardado, two over Juan Rodriguez, three over Filipe Luis and four over the same Aranzubia.

1st. Colotto - 16 pts 
2nd. Juca - 15 pts
2nd. Guardado - 15 pts 
4th. Juan Rodriguez - 14 pts 
5th. Filipe - 13 pts 
6th. Aranzubia - 12 pts
7th. Lopo - 11 pts
8th. Laure - 10 pts 
8th. Manuel Pablo - 10 pts
10th. Manu - 6 pts 
11th. Tomas - 6 pts 
12th. Mista - 5 pts 
12th. Riki - 5 pts 
12th. Valerón - 5 pts 
15th. Adrian - 4 pts 
16th. Angulo - 3 pts 
17th. Lassad - 1 pt 
17th. Ze Castro - 1 pt




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