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02 Jan 2010
A lot has been said about the good environment lived at the changing room of Deportivo, the same players appoint to this factor as one of the keys for the current results. Now Depor Sport reveals several of the secrets behind the scene.

Depor Sport printed at the end of the past week a report with several of the secrets and curious things that occur inside the changing room of Deportivo La Coruña, starting with the fact that Rodolfo Bodipo is the first player that arrives to the trainings, always at 9AM and one hour before the start of the session, because he likes to train at the gym.

The last players to leave are Zé Castro, Piscu and Manu, this trio always like to stay working at the gym, while central defender Albert Lopo is usually the first that leaves after each training session ends.

The report also informs about a “war” for the music, this “war” consists in football-volley matches between two groups, one composed by veterans Sergio, Valerón and Manuel Pablo, and the other by Juan Rodriguez, Colotto and Bodipo, the winner of these matches earn the right to put the music at the changing room during the next two weeks, the trio of veterans like the rock music, while the other trio prefers pop-rock music.

According to Depor Sport, the two players that are always telling jokes are Guardado and Bodipo, while Antonio Tomas is the most shy member of the changing room. The report also emphasizes that Bodipo and Zé Castro are always very careful with the clothes that they wear, while Adrian is like a little kid as he likes to make acrobatic moves with the bottles of water.

There’s a good relationship between all the 24 players that normally work at the first team (including youngster Juan Dominguez), but as it always happen, there are smallest groups of friends, like Iván Pérez, Piscu and Laure, trio that shared some time at Fabril, or the couple composed by Pablo Alvarez and Antonio Tomás.

Another curious story in related to the nicknames of the players, Laure is called “Tintin” for his look, while Angulo is frequently referred and “Hamilton” due to his physical similarity with the pilot of F1. Meanwhile Iván Pérez is called “Ratoncito Pérez (little mouse Pérez), Aranzubia Cachorro (little puppy)” and Sergio ‘Chiqui’.

One of the most healthy procedures inside the changing room was established by the coaching stuff, it consists in inviting the rest of the team mates to a lunch or dinner when somebody does something that affects the other players, like Guardado, who arrived late to a concentration during the past season, the Mexican winger had to pay the fault with a dinner, the most recent ‘victim’ was Riki; after been sent off at Getafe.



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