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02 Jan 2010
David Rochela is finally making the big step that all youngsters are wishing for: to be promoted to the first team. Though for now he will only train with Depor’s first team during a normal week and playing with Fabril on the weekends.

19-year-old central defender David Rochela Calvo fulfilled his dream during this week as he has been training with the first squad of Deportivo, it isn’t the first time for him, but this is different, because coach Miguel Angel Lotina confirmed that it is on a “permanent” basis, which means that, like the case of Juan Dominguez, the young central defender will be working during the week with the first team and on the weekends will be playing with Deportivo B.

The important thing of this “promotion” is that now the player is under the supervision of Lotina, and it should be understood as the previous move before his debut at Primera División, which could occur during the next season or even during the Copa Del Rey or the remaining games in la liga 2009/10.

The As Pontes-born defender has been an international player in all the divisions of Spain, he even played a FIFA U-17 World Championship ending in second place and been the only field player that disputed all the minutes in the competition. On the past season Fabril’s coach, Tito Ramallo, tried to use him as a defensive midfielder, but in the current season at Tercera División the young promise has returned to his natural place at the centre of the defence. According to the media, Lotina will also test him as a side defender, he’s right-footed but can perform on both sides of the pitch. In this way, Rochela becomes into the sixth former Fabril’s player currently working with the first team, the other five youngsters are Piscu, Laure, Lassad, Iván Pérez and Juan Dominguez.

On Tuesday, Lotina explained to reporters what his plans are regardless to the young central defender, “We’ve promoted Rochela to the first team, we will allow his incorporation throughout the season, the reason is because we want to follow him very closely, also to see him entering into the dynamic of the team and if there is a chance, why not?, to allow him to play.”

Later, Rochela gave a press conference and expressed his feelings about this step forward in his career, “I wasn’t expecting for this, everybody wants to reach the first team and will try to learn and seize the chance. The opportunity is knocking at my door and I will try to take advantage of it. This is the best gift that the Magic Kings could bring to me.”
“I do not know if I’m prepared or not, but I am willing to fight for it. It is a pretty opportunity, but we must take the situation with calm. I just assume it as it is a gift, like a reward for the work done on the pitch, but without losing my mind or thinking I will take the spot of somebody else, because my obligation is to work hard, learn and practice all the things learned at the B squad.” He added.

Tito Ramallo, the coach of Depor B, gave his opinion about the skills of the defender, “He is a central defender that’s tactically smart, and is a player that is not afraid of taking the responsibility. To those defensive characteristics you must add that he has a good output of the ball. In resume, he is a good central defender. Outside the pitch he is coherent and responsible, besides he is studying physiotherapy.”



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