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08 Jan 2010
The performance of Deportivo at Mestalla was applauded and some Galician papers even appointed at this game as the best one for Lotina’s team on the season. At Valencia, the papers are feeling sorry, but still believing in ‘the miracle’.

La Opinión A Coruña: Similar concepts. Both teams feel comfortable playing on counterattacks or doing fast attacks; also when they play through long balls, Valencia looking for Zigic and Deportivo for Riki, always with a good placement, either the players that seek the extension of the ball as those going for the rebound. Both make a good pressure in a defensive level, especially when they are in retreat. From there the game would be open for the side scoring the first goal, in this case was Depor. That goal prompted the counterattack, causing much damage during fifteen minutes. The entry of Silva gave to Valencia enough ball possession. The penetrations of Joaquin by the right created a lot of danger. Depor pulled back, it was too bottled in its area, and thus came Valencia’s goal. Then things were balanced, Depor shook the domain and managed to hold the 1-2. In general, great match of Deportivo. Richard Barral.

La Voz De Galicia:. Depor offers a tactical masterpiece at Mestalla. In the best game of the season, Depor deservedly won against Valencia. It dominated the first half, and it struck in the second with two goals, it overcame the final harassment and the somewhat lucky goal from the rival to end up burning Mestalla, stadium where whistles were heard against Emery, clear loser in the tactical battle waged against Lotina. The more expensive Cup is now more favourable.

Depor, team that in the first minutes was sending the ball away or entering into dangerous moves (Ze Castro), shook off the pressure when it started to play with a sense of orientation at midfield, place where Sergio and especially an omnipresent Antonio Tomas started to dinner both Marchena and Banega. Valencia attacked through individual actions, such as that in which Villa assisted Zigic, whose shot was saved by Manu. But each attempt of the local team was replied by the Galicians with another action, and thereby Riki was close to score after a pass of Guardado. Little more can the Madrilenian striker endured on the pitch. His muscle weakness forced him to ask for a change at the 24th minute.

Valencia was surprised by the flippancy of Depor, but the ability of Zigic, Villa and Mata held the impression that the locals could score at any counterattack. But while Emery’s team, with problems weaving its game, was attacking only through individual flashes of speed, Deportivo did it as a block, with an aggressive defense on Zigic to compensate the lack of height of the defenders, with a quick management of ball at midfield, with an adequate exploration of the wings by Filipe, Guardado and Juan Rodriguez and with Pablo Alvarez harming in his position as a playmaker.

In the second half, Deportivo found the reward that it deserved. From an innocent throw-in of Laure, Juan Rodriguez turned the action into a diamond and the first goal was born, materialized by Guardado; this after just two minutes into the second half. Then, Lotina sent a clear message: gesticulating and loudly asking his team to not play locked at the back zone. The crowd of a Valencia that advanced its lines was trusting in the same one, Villa, they were waiting to see him keeping the ship afloat with his shark fin, but who showed his was Pablo Álvarez, this after scoring the second goal. Valencia lost the ball in midfield, and the Asturian received a candy through a first touch-pass from Ze Castro.

Emery responded, at last, with a double substitution: Fernandes and Silva entered. Now Depor, yes, crouched at its area. Valencia started to attack in waves, and that was when the luck smiled. A deflected shot on goal of Banega was touched by Silva. The Galicians reacted lengthening the ball possession, and in that way they mitigated the local harassment. In fact, the next clear chance did not arrive until the 89th minute when a header from Bruno went out close to the post. It wouldn’t have been fair. Rubén Ventureira

Xornal De Galicia: Yesterday’s match was a clear proof that at this team, all players are important, also that the difference between starters and replacements is almost nonexistent, because everybody apply the same recipe: the one of the hard work. Only then, a team whose strength is the defense, can rest three of its four starting defenders, plus the goalie, and beat a big team with all it’s offensive line on the pitch. After a few problems in the opening minutes, the Galician team settled on the grass of Mestalla and not allowed Valencia to play comfortably. Omar Bello.

AS: In just ten minutes Deportivo forced Valencia to test its own painful medicine. The Galicians had the same effectiveness of the Valencians when they play away from their stadium, which together with a great defensive work earned them to take the match and more than three quarters of the ticket.

Emery's players showed that they are choked at Mestalla, that for them is an ordeal to play at home and that there’s no formula working. Neither Villa-Zigic, nor the return of Silva and Vicente, nor the changes in the double pivote... not a question of elements but of how they are mixed, it is the concept, the lack of quality in the management, many factors that eventually result in seeing the opponent feeling more comfortable, less threatening than it should, and especially if we talking about a great Deportivo that, despite the rotations, did not lowered its performance.

Deportivo seamlessly accepted the challenge, and played the game without forcing the strikers to resolve the situation. Sounds familiar? Yes, it's a cast of the Valencia that plays away from home, and yesterday Guardado, Juan Rodriguez and Pablo Alvarez did what Joaquin, Silva and Mata usually do. Miguel A. Vara.

Superdeporte (Valencia): With Silva on your side never give up. In ten minutes (which were seen coming), from 45’ until the 55’, Lotina’s Deportivo made a suit to Emery’s Valencia, leaving the rival shivering in Copa Del Rey. And I say that we saw it coming, because the Galician superiority was not only limited to those ten minutes of Christmas’ hangover in which Guardado and Pablo Alvarez evidenced the errors of the defence. Lotina, still doing more rotations than Emery, had a better reading of the game and won the tactical battle by a large margin. But in football the ones that make and break the results are the players, and since it was the day of the Magic kings, Valencia showed its magician, a heel of Silva is now allowing traveling next week to the Riazor with a glimmer of hope. Because though the Copa Del Rey is now more expensive, with Silva, and thanks to him, nothing is impossible, and less in the tournament of Alcorcón.

We will talk wonders and celebrate the goals from Villa, but with Silva there is a Valencia, and without him is another team. Until the Canarian jumped into the pitch (not just yesterday, also in recent matches) Valencia was a team without movement, predictable, with gaps in the transition attack-defense, to the extent that the use of the long balls became a style, especially with Zigic on the pitch. Because we haven’t mentioned yet, but Emery opted to play with two strikers: Zigic and Villa, and with Maduro playing as central defender and Marchena in the double pivote. Conrado Valle.



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