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09 Jan 2010
Midfielder Pablo Álvarez played one of his best games at Depor during the Copa victory over Valencia; ‘The Shark’ gave his opinion about the game and also about his individual performance.

Q: You scored a goal, shot on target twice and had much presence in the game. Do you feel that you played your best game since your arrival to Deportivo?
A: Maybe, but at least it’s among the best. But if I had a good game it was thanks to the work of my colleagues.

Q: Which was the feeling of the team at the dressing room after defeating Valencia with so great performance as you showed on the pitch?
A: Happiness. Clinching a win like we did in a tough stadium like Mestalla is something to be very happy; I felt fine and scored, so I've been lucky. But beyond my performance, it was important to get a good result.

Q: It seems that Deportivo responds better as long as the rival is more plugged into the game. Just look how the games at Zaragoza and Valencia started.
A: I see that the team always know how to play since the first minute and wants to do a good job. Valencia is very strong and can harm you at any time. The rivals also play and I think everyone starts strongly.

Q: From the outside, it seems you are feeling comfortable performing as a playmaker. How did you found yourself at that spot?
A: Good, because we stole the ball to Valencia pressuring their players and they always try to play from behind to make a quality football. Playing like this means to work harder in defense and attack, and I tried to do my best in both ways. I want to help at any position, I like to be near the area and attack; however, I'm fine at any position. I've always played by the right wing, but I have no problem playing anywhere.

Q: Even as a forward? With the injury of Riki, each day the coach is having less people and on Wednesday he was very worried.
A: The team has very good strikers and now we are having problems with several injuries. If is necessary to make the shift, there is no problem on my part. I am here for whatever the coach  needs.

Q: So, is it over the debate about whether you should be the right winger? A: But is that I have never entered into that debate. I train and play as I know, the coach is who decides and we, the players, have to do it on the pitch.

Q: Do you see a Deportivo with starters and substitutes?
A: I? I see a very balanced squad. All players have a similar level. We are all highly involved in this team and nobody notices the casualties at any time. When somebody doesn’t play, then another does it and no one notice anything. We have twenty-five players at the team, each brings something and everyone wants to help.

Q: Sometimes it seems that Deportivo plays of memory. Is something noticed by the players?
A: I think that you can notice that, especially in the way of defending, because it’s clear that for rivals is difficult to create opportunities against us. Everyone defends with concentration and the team knows what is doing, and on these days is very important to understand what the game plan is.

Q: Should we assume as resolved the tie in Copa after the 1-2 achieved at Mestalla?
A: No, not at all. The advantage is not big and we must try to seize it, but Valencia is a terrific opponent and at the Riazor they will fight for it. We can’t rely on Valencia, nobody should be confident, because it is a team that can score twice in half of a play.



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