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09 Jan 2010
Central defender Adrián López ‘Piscu’ gave a interview to newspaper La Voz De Galicia, he analysed the Copa clash with Valencia and also assured that he never received a call from Real Betis. His intention is to stay at the club, though depending on Lotina’s plans.

Q: Nobody would say that you had only played a few games on this season...
A: The key to success lies on the trainings, in everything we are working on at Abegondo. People are fine, with pace. Therefore, even if somebody is not competing in la liga I think the difference is not noticed.

Q: Against Murcia, in the previous round, the substitutes left some doubts. Against a big rival, you have responded. How is it?
A: The rivals at Segunda are always dangerous, look at Atletico (Madrid), they just received three at Huelva. Against lower level rivals you always present a different level, something made unconsciously. Against Valencia we gave everything, we were confident; except in the first twenty minutes, period in which we were doubtful, during the rest of the game we had the ball possession and did a good job.

Q: The victory started there, when you resisted the initial pressure of the rival...
A: They started with a strong pace. We knew it was going to be like this, and also that it was very important to hold on. We did it and slowly the team was taking that personality that we show each Sunday.

Q: How do you prevent to see Villa and Zigic scoring some goals?
A: It's a very difficult couple to mark. We did an extensive coverage, which is what you normally do in this kind of cases.

Q: In the end you didn’t need the ladder to stop the Serbian...
A: We tried to keep the line as high as possible, because it isn’t the same if he wins the jump at midfield than inside the area, which is more dangerous.

Q: Did you se yourself fine?
A: I wasn’t like when you play on Sundays, but I was physically fit and I am content.

Q: In Silva's goal, it gave the impression that you were a little slow...
A: It's a very fast move. With Banega firing on target you can not be half way out, so I tried to block the goalkeeper's post. But we were unlucky since the ball hit Silva, who scored the goal.

Q: Did you really thought about leaving the club?
A: I want to have minutes on here. When a player is not having minutes, people always talk about these things, but I was very quiet, nobody called me or told me nothing of going on loan.

Q: But wasn’t Betis calling you?
A: These are things of the club and the agents, I never received a call saying anything.

Q: Any news on a renewal?
A: So far I know nothing, my agent did not say anything. I hope to reach a solution by June.

Q: Do you intend to stay here?
A: My intention is to stay here, of course, but I also have to look if the coach wants me, if he is trusting in me, if he wants me as the first or a third central defender, these things will be examined at the right moment.

Q: Lotina always says that you are the future central defender of Depor.
A: When you're not playing, you always want to play. If you spend several years without playing, then you start to lose the confidence, and falling into that would be a serious mistake.

Q: Did you lose it?
A: No. I have several months without playing. What I don’t want is to live like this for two or three years.



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