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13 Jan 2010
Depor’s coach was feeling sorry for the injuries at his squad, but was denying the possibility of making new signing, while he also promised opportunities for the less habitual players. At Valencia, Emery says that his team arrives in order to clinch the pass.

Miguel Angel Lotina finally achieved his first win over Unai Emery during the past Wednesday’s confrontation in Copa; this after his Deportivo conquered a 2-1 win at Mestalla. In the previous six meetings, the current coach of Valencia won the first four games, while the other two ended in a draw. A curious stat is that Lotina has never defeated Valencia when his teams have played at home, this after nine attempts: Deportivo (3), Espanyol (2), Real Sociedad, Celta, Osasuna and Logroñes.

Depor’s coach gave a press conference after Tuesday’s training, he was explaining how he is planning the game, “We are thinking of this match as one-leg series, but having in mind that we have some sort of advantage. The planning is to face it as a lonely game and we won’t change this thought. But it’s true that Valencia is forced to play for everything.”

Later he was saying that the Copa Del Rey still to be an important tournament for Deportivo, “For us the Copa is the tournament of the hope. We need to play without pressure, but with tension since the first minute, and we are going to face this game in that way. We need the public for this goal, and it’s going to be a pretty game, because Valencia is forced to reach the farthest round in the competition.”

But the major part of the press conference was concentrated in the situation with the injured players, “After the game with Osasuna we had players dealing with some issues, problems that unfortunately are worst than we first thought, especially the case of Guardado, because he is an important man for us and was also living his best moment since his arrival to Deportivo, and is the true image of this Depor: a talented player that works hard, somebody that fights. In other words, what we are as a team.”

“Sergio was adding solidity to our game and I hope he will return soon, the same goes with Pablo (Álvarez), who was also growing.” He added. No matter the casualties, the Basque man was discarding new signings, “Sincerely, I am not thinking of new signings; I have thought that we are a team and that we are hoping to see on the pitch the players that haven’t had a chance.”

Lotina didn’t give too many hints about the lineup, but assured that his idea is to replace Juca with Antonio Tomás during the game, “Juca is not ready to hold on during 90 minutes, so I hope to count with Antonio (Tomás). He was tired, because has played a lot of games and I want to recover him. He told me on Saturday that he has played a lot lately, two years ago he was complaining for not been playing, and I told him that he was always complaining (he laughed). He is a fundamental player for us, somebody that’s growing a lot. It is just tireness and let’s hope he will be fine.”

Finally, Depor’s coach was releasing a message of hope for the players without minutes on the season, “We know that our stronger point is the block, the group, and I’m wishing to watch the players without too many minutes, who are training at the top. The present situation is opening the doors to other people, and I’m wishing to see them demonstrating in the normal competition what they are doing on the trainings.”

Valencia’s coach gave a press on Tuesday, just before the trip to La Coruña; he started assuring that his team is capable of achieving the comeback in Copa, “We are convinced that we can do it. Because the players of Valencia are capable of doing this, we’re hopeful and also because we recently won the tournament. Valencia is going to fight for this Copa. We know it is a very important game, but we are prepared and feeling comfortable to achieve the comeback. We are facing the game as a continuity of the last one; it is going to be tough, and we need to offer more in order to score two goals. A positive thing is that we are completing a great season playing away from home.”

At the same time, Emery was admitting that Deportivo is a tough rival playing at the Riazor, “They have the advantage in the aggregate score and are playing at their stadium. Deportivo is a team that has only lost two games at home, for that reason they are an example for us. It is a team that defends well, is difficult to score goals against them, and is a solid block, with a lot of aids.”

The Fuenterrabía-born coach was also announcing rotations at his squad, “I have picked 20 men, because there are players with some physical problems and others that are tired. We will be hurrying the things within the next hours, and later we will decide the final list of 18 and the starting eleven. What is clear is that we won’t play with the same lineup that played in Jérez.”
What called the attention at Valencia was to see Mata and Bruno, the two players with more minutes, out of the list, Emery was explaining the reasons for this decision, “Both represent the players with more minutes and on the past Sunday they made a great effort. Both are out after consulting Carcedo and Aiestarán (his assistants). Anyhow, we trust in them and hope that their level will continue to be high.”

Finally, Valencia’s coach was having a few words on Baraja and ‘Chori’ Dominguez, “I see that Baraja is plugged into the team, with a positive attitude and always trying to achieve the collective goals before than his personal ambitions, it’s something to be thankful. About Dominguez, he is feeling more comfortable playing behind the central attacker, but we also have to choice to use him on the left and right wing.” 



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