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15 Jan 2010
Lotina was unusually content with the reaction of his team during the second half, while Filipe was feeling guilty for the first two goals rather than been happy for his incredible performance during the second part.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was unusually excited with the performance of his team, “I am very excited, and it would be the same if we would have been eliminated. It is one of the days in which I am more content since I arrived to Deportivo. If they would have scored in that last header they had, it would be the same. This is a team, which is the right word to define this Deportivo. People thought that it was a matter of Valencia and Barca, that’s why I am more content compared to other days.“

Later he explained that the change in the attitude of Filipe was the key for the victory, “We had difficulties in the first half. Filipe was more worried of fulfilling the movements that I told him than of loosing himself. He started to do it at minute 5 of the second half and put us back in the game. The team started to believe and it was a key for the match, the change of Filipe, because he was stuck in the first part and then he was looser. It’s true that we have Iván (Pérez) for that position, but I wanted to see Filipe there, because I have two good right side defenders, Manuel Pablo and Laure, and wanted to see him there.”

“The good news is that Juca is returning and that he was fine, same as Bodipo, Laure or Zé Castro. The bad news is that, on Sunday, all of them can not play at the same time. I am very content with Bodipo, for how he yielded after been out for so long. At least he can give us a hand right now that Mista, Lassad and Riki are out.”

The hero of the game, Brazilian Filipe Luis, was feeling more guilty than the hero for that it occurred in the first half, “They scored two goals that almost cost the tie, and it was very hard for us. I was feeling guilty in the first two goals, so I needed to do something. I am a left-back defender: In my first season here, with Caparrós, I performed there and did a bad job. Against Valencia I was forced to play as Guardado. It was my function, not only to stop Miguel, but to harm the rival in attack, but I was not doing both things, because I wasn’t fresh. In the second part I had a better communication with Manuel Pablo and things were better.” 

Midfielder Antonio Tomás said that he was having a good taste in the mouth after all the suffering in the tie, “At the beginning it was said that a goal could have changed anything, and it ended like that. It seems that things taste better with a little bit of anguish.”

Juan Rodríguez was trying to understand how he was able to score the second goal, “I don’t know how I scored the goal, I don’t know how I hit the ball, maybe it was with the thigh or with the first thing I found. The fact is that we accomplished the mission and now we must try to be recovered and prepared for Sunday’s match.”

The Andalusian midfielder was emphasising that the result was possible thanks to the collective work of the team, “It was a product of the work done by the whole team, everybody worked hard in order to achieve the comeback, if it wasn’t like that, it wouldn’t happen. The important thing is that it was demonstrated that this team is able to attack and that anybody can score a goal. We don’t depend of a single player and that’s good.”

Valerón said that, “With the 0-2 the sensation was that things were pretty complicated, but we were feeling better in the second half, we combined, scored the goals and we are very happy.”  Later the Canarian was feeling relieved for not been facing Barcelona in the next round, “Barcelona and Sevilla are two big clubs, but surely Barcelona would be more difficult to eliminate. Sevilla will be complicated, but it is different.”

At Valencia, coach Unai Emery was trying to explain how his team was eliminated after having the pass inside the pocket, “To not have a necessity in the second half has moved us to play as we did. The motivation of everybody has to be very high at every moment, we must be constant. The team must keep that idea of constant necessity; it’s the only way to avoid what has happened today. Deportivo, with the necessity of scoring the goals, has surpassed us. It is a night in which we feel screwed for how the things went.” 

Nicola Zigic, the scorer of both goals, wasn’t able to find an explanation for the elimination of Valencia, “We are feeling very sad, I don’t know what else I can say, we are screwed. We had an advantage and later, in the second half, I don’t know what happened; Depor has tightened the things and has scored twice, and in the end they won the tie. It can’t be said that it was our problem, Depor was better, smarter.”

Defender Carlos Marchena was sharing the responsibility between the failures of Valencia and the virtues of Deportivo, “We tried to be fine, we had an advantage, but we lost in the second half everything achieved in the first. It is a pity, but well, now it’s time to think of la liga. It is something that occurred due to their merits, but it’s also our fault because we gave them life.”

The club informed that midfielder Sergio is discarded for the game at RCD Mallorca, the Catalan was rested in Copa, but a new scan determined that he has suffered a muscular elongation on his right knee during the liga match with Osasuna, therefore the player will rest and still to be confirmed if he will be ready to play in Copa against Sevilla.

Also, Lotina confirmed that Antonio Tomás is still dealing with some issues after having muscular problems in the match against Osasuna, “He requested the change and will try to recover him. Let’s see if Juca and Bodipo will be fine for Saturday’s training.”




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