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25 Jan 2010
The changing room of Deportivo was more like a funeral than the dressing room of a team ending the first round liga at the European zone, and it’s that everybody was in shock due to Filipe’s serious injury. Nobody was talking of other thing than the injury of Depor’s defender.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was almost in tears when he gave the usual press conference after the game, “Just guess how everybody is at the changing room. I believe that any player living something like this… it’s incredible, but evidently, Filipe… is a great kid. I believe it is the most painful case, we would have suffered with anybody else too, but Filipe… it is incredible.”

“Sincerely… I have had more injured players… we are…. We had more injuries, and surely it isn’t fair for my side to say it… but Filipe is almost like a son for me... and he didn’t deserve this.” Lotina added as he barely could contain the tears.

About the game, Depor’s coach said that, “The first half was a little weird, we were wrong, bad placed, and Athletic was very superior against us. We were lucky to reach halftime with the 0-0. Later we tried to correct some things, specially tried to transmit more tranquility to see the team more ordered and trying to have the ball possession. That unfortunate play of Filipe’s injury opened the game and since that moment the team was better. We won a game that at the beginning was looking impossible.”

Captain Manuel Pablo was having a sensation of deja vú with the injury of Filipe, as he also suffered a serious injury some years ago, “It reminded me about my injury, but this one was lower in the leg. We are all feeling very sad and can only cheer him up, I hope we will see him soon training with us.”

One hour after the final whistle, striker Adrián was still having the image of the injury on his mind, “I never saw something like this and hope that won’t see it again. At the beginning I didn’t want to look, and later I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; we were surprised and in shock.”

“It would have been better if he wouldn’t have scored and that he wouldn’t be in the area to connect the ball. That play was a revulsive for us, but I think it would have been better if it wouldn’t happen. But now we can’t do anything and now we must be alongside him, with his family and girlfriend, cheering them up and hoping to see him getting better.”  The Asturian striker added.

Juan Carlos Valerón, another player that has lived the torment of the injuries, was also feeling sad, “We have won, but we are sad for what has happened to Filipe. We hope he will be fine and that he could be recovered soon. It’s difficult to express with words what we feel, beyond been painful, to know he will be out for a long time, it is sad.”

At Athletic, Joaquín Caparrós was feeling sad for the injury and for the defeat of his team, “After the game we had a terrible sensation for the defeat and for the unfortunate injury. We wanted to go out with personality, communicating to the rival that we were going for them game. We must congratulate Dani Aranzubia for the saves that he made.”

“It seems a lie, but in the end what matters is the result. It was a very good first half, with several scoring opportunities, but in their first attempt, they scored and it was difficult for us, later in their second chance they scored the second goal. You must watch the game to believe that in the end we are leaving with empty hands.” The Basque coach added.





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