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08 Mar 2010
Confusion at Deportivo, because Lotina thought that Bodipo was feeling dizzied just when it was Guardado the one feeling sick. In a general sense, the coach was happy with the performance of his team.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was admitting that his team had troubles throughout the match, “In the first half we were jammed; Tenerife was tightening the things up and we never felt comfortable. We were lucky to reach the rest with the 1-1, because they had the clear chance of Nino. In the second half things were better, with three men at the centre, Juan (Rodriguez), Antonio and Andrés, and we had more arrivals.”

“We already recovered Lassad; he was feeling better and you can notice it in his personality. We improved as Antonio Tomás played as a pivote. And Guardado, if he is performing away form the wing, is not playing backwards. Maybe we can change the system, into a 4-3-3. I have the impression that some players feel more comfortable in that way.” He added.

With 41 points in its tally, Depor can already presume of the permanence, reason why the Basque coach is now thinking of Europe, “We will be brave enough and will put new goals. We should do it, but it is difficult and we all respect the teams fighting for the same goals, which is to be up there and fight for Europe. We will try taking in mind all the consequences, without forgetting that we have several injuries.” 

But the comment that attracted all the attention was the one related to the explanation of Bodipo’s exit at the first half, something explained by the same Lotina, “I changed Bodipo, because after the 1-1 somebody told me he was dizzied, It was my mistake since the change was thought for half-time, I wanted to introduce Valerón to release our game through a 4-3-1-2 system; I ask for apologies because he was mad at the bench; I will talk to him later."

But who was the dizzied one? Andrés Guardado, the best player in the game, explained it, “I wasn’t feeling good, I couldn’t sleep the night before and they gave me some pills, and I was feeling dizzied. At times I was losing the notion that I was playing the game. I told Bodipo I was feeling dizzied, and then he went to the bench and told them to be alert with me, and I don’t know about the mess at the bench because I was still on the pitch.”

“Bodipo was the one replaced, because the coach should have thought that he was the one dizzied, so it was my time to stay and for some reasons things happen. Because I scored the goal and we won. That’s the funny thing in all of this. I hope we will have more evenings like this at Deportivo.” The Mexican added.

Another curious story was the one of keeper Daniel Aranzubia, who described how he stopped that key opportunity of Tenerife’s Nino, “He was alone against me and I just tried to block as I could the hole at the goal, and I was lucky because the ball hit me in the head. In the end we have the sweet sensation of winning, but the first half an hour wasn’t good at all and now it’s time to analyse and extract our conclusions.”

Pablo Álvarez was emphasising the importance of the victory, “It is a very good win for us; we missed football in the first part and also some arrivals, but in the second we recovered the ball and we were like ourselves. The entry of Valerón was the key; he was fine and shone in the game.”

Despite the bad game of Deportivo, the players are aware that the team is already saved and that it should have higher goals, like the Champions League, something analysed by Antonio Tomás, “Now we have a next rival (Sevilla) that if it loses and if we are able to add the points there, it will be at our reach.”

Juan Rodríguez wasn’t giving importance to the fact that Depor didn’t play a good game, “This week nobody will talk of a drought of goals, but of our bad game, there’s always a ‘but’  Things were a little complicated, because we committed some errors, and we were a little lucky to tie up the things through an strategic play.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro assured that the renewal of Lotina is already negotiated and that it’s only a matter of “signing the papers“, while he also talked of reinforcements, “I have talked with the major part of the agents of the players ending contract. In a general sense I am happy, because they are showing to like the club, the city and the line of work.”

At Tenerife, coach José Luis Oltra wasn’t able to explain how his team lost the match, “"It blush me trying to explain the same thing, the same film of other games, but now we even allowed three goals without making any mistake, it's unbelievable. We controlled the game, but Aranzubia was just great. I am sure this team will have its reward.”

The scorer of the goal, Juanlu, was also speechless for how his team lost at the Riazor. “"It was unbelievable, because we had it controlled and the rival scored three goals in its first three shots on goal, it's a shame. Now we can not do anything else and must wait for the results of the other teams involved in the salvation.”




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