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13 Mar 2010
Ninth confrontation between Manolo Jiménez and Lotina; Depor’s coach confirmed the switch in the system for the game, while Sevilla’s manager was describing the match as a final for them.

This is the ninth meeting between Manolo Jiménez and Miguel Angel Lotina; Sevilla’s coach won the four games played between liga and Copa during the past season: a liga win at the Riazor (3-1), another one at the Sánchez Pizjuán (1-0) and the humiliating 5-1 aggregate score in Copa Del Rey. And he added a new triumph in the first-leg of the Copa quarterfinals after his Sevilla trashed Depor at the Riazor (3-0).  The other three confrontations were won by Lotina, starting with the 2-1 of the liga season 2007/08, the 1-0 clinched at the start of the present liga campaign and the last 1-0 victory in Copa at the Sánchez Pizjuán.

Depor’s coach signed his renewal on Thursday and is now the active coach with more games at Primera División: 354 (122 wins, 96 draws and 136 defeats); 101 of those matches took place at Depor (43 wins, 22 draws, 36 defeats). To mention that Lotina is just the third coach at Depor with at least four seasons at the club since the last promotion to Primera, the other two are Arsenio Iglesias (four) and Javier Irureta (seven)

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Friday, just before traveling to Seville; he started talking of his renewal with the Galician club, “The agreement was already done since some days ago, actually we were already working in the next campaign, but well… I feel a lot of pressure, because it’s always a great responsibility to train Depor. We want to keep improving as a team and we are preparing the next campaign without forgetting the present one.” 

Later he talked about the conformation of the squad for next season, “We want to have a superior squad, because right now we notice the team is living beyond is possibilities and next year the demands will be bigger. We want to keep the important people, we will only make a few signings, but will try to incorporate quality people; and if we make any sell, then the replacements must have a similar level.”

“It isn’t the same to play the UEFA than the Champions (League), neither in the economical sense nor in any other level. That’s clear. We will try to keep a competitive level; evidently we want to build a squad of 22 players. Depor has lived with 38, 40 players and that’s no real; that’s the change we want to make. I see the president very hopeful, with more hope than on the past season.” He added.

About the game at the Sánchez Pizjuán, Depor’s trainer confirmed that he will switch the system, “It will be a 4-3-3. The change in the system is not caused because we are facing Sevilla, neither because we want to defend better, simply we want to see the team practicing a better football, because if you play well you score goals.”

The big doubt continues to be who will perform in the two playmaking functions, and Lotina gave the key “If Lassad convinces me and he convinces the doctors then he will be a starter playing behind Adrian, if not Adrian will delay his position opening a space for Bodipo. No matter what happens tomorrow, a lot of liga still ahead. We still have 36 points to be disputed, in this league three, six or seven points aren’t a big difference.”

Lotina also explained the situation of Mista, “He is fine, but still missing match fitness.” Finally, the Meñaka-born coach said that he is careless if Kanouté doesn’t take part of the game, “Because if he doesn’t play then an international will take his place. Sevilla is full of them. The coaches aren’t worried if one particular player won’t’ take part of one match, we are only worried if he is out for two, three or four months.”

Sevilla’s manager gave a press conference on Friday; he started explaining why 20 players were picked for the match, “It is important to make a long list in order to discard two players by tomorrow, this in order to rest people for Tuesday. Here, nobody is more important than the rest, and we only have 24 hours to prepare two finals. If Kanouté ends out, then Luis Fabiano will have more options to play, though if Kanouté is in then it doesn’t means he will play.”

Later the Sevillan talked about how Sevilla’s life is playing for three competitions, “Here everything is important, to be involved in three competitions means a huge effort, and we are not yet thinking of CSKA, because it won’t be too ambitious. We want to stay in Champions for the coming year, to defeat Deportivo, to win on Tuesday and conquer the Copa Del Rey. That’s the spirit of this entity. But in order to be among the big ones we need to defeat Deportivo, this in order to start next season since the leading group.” 

“To stay alive in three competitions, at this stage of the season and with so many setbacks, it’s like to be proud of our professional players, though it’s also truth that we need to improve in several aspects, especially about the fact of bringing joy to our fans.” The ex-Sevilla Atletico manager added.

Jimenez also talked of the rival that he expects to meet at the Sánchez Pizjuán, “Tomorrow’s game is vital and we need to win it, there are no excuses like the tireness or the injuries. That’s why we will try to present the best possible squad. Deportivo? They defeated us on here because we won the first leg by 0-3, it’s more dangerous when it plays away from home. It’s a team made up for the counterattack, though tomorrow I hope to meet the best version of Sevilla.”

Finally, he responded to the critics that still affirming that he is not good enough to coach Sevilla, “People can say and do whatever they want. But I want to see everybody presuming to be alive in three competitions. If we aren’t content for a thing that only happened a few times in the history of Sevilla… The support from the stands just makes things easier for us.”



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