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14 Mar 2010
Great game of a Deportivo that gave a lesson of solidarity; the aids to stop the offensive game of Sevilla were the key to hold on a draw that could be important at the end of the season. Depor also scored its first away goal in 2010, while Adrian ended his drought.

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina wasn’t convinced with Lassad’s fitness and as he said on the day before the striker was left sited on the bench. His place was taken by Juan Carlos Valerón, who was just starting his seventh game on the liga season. 

The lineup was the announced 4-3-2-1, with Aranzubia at the goal, Manuel Pablo at the right-back position, Laure on the left, while Colotto and Lopo were the central defenders. The trio at midfield was composed by Antonio Tomás, Juan Dominguez and Guardado. Juan Rodriguez and Valerón were the two playmakers, while Adrián was the central attacker.

At Sevilla, coach Jimenez presented a 4-4-2 lineup, with Frederic Kanouté and Alvaro Negredo in attack, while Jesús Navas and Diego Perotti were the wingers. Another novelty was that Argentine Federico Julián Fazio was playing at the centre of the defence taking the place of Dragutiniovic Despite Jimenez said he was going to reserve one of his strikers Brazilian Luis Fabiano was sited on the bench.

The pace was high during the whole first part; Depor was moving the ball over the grass trying to find the cracks at Sevilla’s defence, while the locals were trying to take advantage of the aerial game of Kanoute and the velocity of its wingers, but the locals never succeeded, because the defensive strategy of Lotina blocked all the ways to the goal of Aranzubia. Despite that both squads were practicing an offensive style, the truth is that there were no clear scoring opportunities within the first fifteen minutes.

Depor was pressing in attack and Sevilla was having problems with the output of the ball; Jesús Navas and Perotti were trying to penetrate by the sides, but Manuel Pablo and Laure were receiving the aids of their team mates; therefore both wingers were always marked by two men, which reduced the damage often suffered in past occasions against the Andalusians. Meanwhile, Guardado, Valerón, Antonio Tomás Juan Rodríguez and Juan Domínguez were alternating the mark at the centre, which gave Lotina’s team a numerical advantage at the moment of disputing the ball.

The first approximation of Depor came at minute 15, Adrián made a long run and then he released a cross that was found by Juan Rodriguez, who later tried to assist Juan Dominguez, but in the end Palop controlled the ball. One minute later Guardado attempted from long-distance, but the effort went over the crossbar.

And just when Depor seemed better, Sevilla found the first goal of the encounter. Colotto handled the ball in a play against Kanoute, and the resulting free-kick ended in a high volley of Perotti that Federico Fazio sent to the back of the net with a downward header. Aranzubia tried to block the attempt but he just sent the ball to the left side of the net.

It seemed that Depor was going to suffer as Sevilla was pushing for the second goal, but the Galicians equalised the game soon thanks to a great combination between five players. Juan Rodríguez started the sequence, then the Andalusian found Juan Dominguez, who later assisted Valerón, then El Flaco drilled a pass to Guardado, who sent a perfect drilling cross from the left that Adrián connected into the right side of Palop.

The goal ended a double negative mark; first Depor scored its first away goal in 2010 putting an end to a period of 490 minutes without scoring playing away from the Riazor, which was the worst mark since the year 1966. Later, Adrián scored his first goal since December, putting an end to a period of 981 without adding goals to his tally in la liga.

Three minutes later Sevilla was close to score the second as Perotti took a lateral free-kick sending a cross that turned into a shot on target that hit the base of the left post. Then at minute 31, Navas led a counterattack that ended with a deadly drilling cross, but Lopo cleared the danger sending the ball out.

At minute 37 the visitors were close to score after Juan Dominguez stole the ball, then the Galician assisted Valerón and he did the same with Guardado, who missed the target from close range hitting the net from the outside. The half ended with polemic, because Navas faced Aranzubia one-on-one, the effort of the winger was deflected by Depor’s keeper, who seemed to have deflected the ball with the hand when he was outside of the area, but referee Alvarez Izquierdo just called the corner-kick, reason why there was a huge protest by the public when both teams were leaving to the dressing rooms.

Depor suffered the most, mainly because the ball possession was for Sevilla, but the truth is that the Galicians made a perfect game in defence, not leaving any space against the rival. The second part started with Sevilla clearly dominating the actions; first with a short-range effort of Kanoute that hit Lopo before going to corner-kick (46’), then Colotto cleared a dangerous cross of Navas (50’), and then Aranzubia cleared a cross of Adriano (51’).

Since the tie continued, Jimenez replaced Negredo with Luis Fabiano, allowing the presence of a deadly duo with Kanoute up front.  Later it was known that Negredo had a knee injury.  But the truth is that Depor’s defensive line controlled both attackers as they barely had an opportunity to score. At minute 60, Luis Fabiano had his only chance as he hit the crossbar with a header, but a foul was whistled.

Depor started to regain midfield after the first fifteen minutes, but always keeping an eye at defence, reason why in this half the Galicians missed depth in attack. There were not enough people at Sevilla’s field and the visitors had to play through long balls or with slow actions waiting for the arrival of a team mate, however Depor’s defensive zone was covering all the spaces, reason why Diego Capel entered for Perotti, this in order to open the game by the wings, something that never occurred.

The first important chance for Depor came at minute 71, Valerón assisted Guardado and the Mexican did the same with Manuel Pablo, who sent a bad cross that Sevilla’s defence couldn’t clear, then Juan Dominguez was alone against Palop, but the Galician youngster couldn’t score and the local keeper cleared the danger.

Then Pablo Alvarez entered for Antonio Tomas, modification that moved Juan Rodríguez to midfield, while ‘The Shark’ was now covering the right wing. At minute 74, Adrian made a great play, and his cross was almost found by Pablo Alvarez, but Escude cleared the danger just when it seemed that Depor was taking the lead.

In the final part of the half, Sevilla was now searching for the second goal with more hearth than brain, but Depor and Aranzubia were blocking everything. Then Lassad replaced Valerón, the Tunisian stayed at the position of El Flaco, while Adrian was alone in attack. Guardado was slightly injured after an attempt to clear the ball and that’s why he was replaced with Bodipo for the final five minutes. The Equatoguinean took the role of the Mexican at the left side.

The final minutes saw a Sevilla that was desperate to claim the victory, while Depor seemed content with the draw after an exhausting physical effort. The last chance was for Sevilla with a corner-kick that Capel took into the area, Fazio found the ball, but this time his header went out (90+3’).

Great match of Deportivo and good tactic of Lotina, which cut Sevilla’s game at the wings and put a lot of people at the centre. The Andalusians had the ball possession, but only enjoyed of a few good opportunities; actually the best chances were for Depor. Laure and Manuel Pablo gave a lesson at the sides, while Lopo commanded the centre of the defence. Antonio Tomas, Guardado, Valerón and Juan Rodríguez made a great game, while Juan Domínguez gave signs of a stunning maturity. Finally, Adrian seemed more alive than before and even scored a goal.

The bad news is that Antonio Tomás and Laure saw a fifth yellow card on the season, reason why they are now suspended for next Saturday’s clash against Real Valladolid (18h00 CET). Depor still sixth, now one point behind Mallorca (they lost 0-3 at Getafe) and two below Sevilla FC. Athletic Bilbao drew at Sporting and still seventh. To mention that Depor won the particular series against Sevilla (2-1), this could be decisive at the end of la liga.

Sevilla: Palop - Stankevicius, Escudé, Fazio, Adriano - Jesús Navas, Renato, Zokora, Perotti (Capel 66’) – Kanoute (Acosta 75’), Negredo (Luis Fabiano 53’).
Deportivo: Aranzubia – Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Lopo, Laure – Juan Domínguez, Antonio Tomas (Pablo Álvarez 71’), Guardado  (Bodipo 84’) – Juan Rodríguez, Valerón (Lassad 78’) – Adrián.

Referee: Alfonso Javier Álvarez Izquierdo. He showed yellow card to Colotto (19’), Perotti (43’), Juan Dominguez (50’), Antonio Tomas (69’), Kanoute (69’), Laure (75’) 
Goals: 1-0: (19’) Fazio. 1-1: (24’) Adrián
Venue: Sánchez Pizjuán
Other statistics: Ball possession (63% - 37%); Total shots (19 - 6); Shots on target (11 - 4); Saves by the keepers (3 - 8); Corner-kicks  (12 - 1); Offsides (0 - 2); Fouls committed (14 - 15); Accuracy in the passes (76.96% - 69.75%)




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