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29 Mar 2006
It seems that Pablo ?lvarez and Juan Rodr?guez are close to joining Deportivo, while Lopo is on his way to Valencia. The latest rumour is that Man?? S??nchez could arrive from M??laga. He’s a winger who could join if the Andalucian club is relegated at the end of the season.

Of all the names mentioned since last December, Pablo ?lvarez (25) seems to be the surest reinforcement for Deportivo.  He’s one of the main players at Sporting Gij??n and is in fact their main scorer (8 goals). The Galician winger would replace V?ctor and Depor wouldn’t need to pay for the transfer since his contract expires in June.

It has been rumoured that ?lvarez even passed a physical in La Coru?a in January, and newspaper El Ideal Gallego wrote yesterday that he already has a house here.  According to the same source, his contract will last for five years and he will earn €250,000 plus bonuses.

Juan Rodr?guez (23) seems to already have one foot in La Coru?a.  He didn't accept M??laga’s last contract extension and El Ideal wrote that he even spoke with Caparr??s about possibly joining Depor. The defensive midfielder will turn 24 on April 1st, and has been a regular starter in Manolo Hierro's squad during the last few matches.

The last name added to the list of rumours is Manu S??nchez (27).  He is a winger who can also perform in midfield and his continuation at M??laga is doubtful if the squad is relegated to Segunda. He has been a regular starter during the last few seasons, but in the present season has only played six games.

The name of Duda (25) has also been linked with Depor in the past, but a few weeks ago it was discovered that the Portuguese winger already has a secret deal with Sevilla. Another name that also seems to be fading away is Albert Lopo (25).  The Catalan defender supposedly had an agreement with Lendoiro, but according to Deporte Campe??n he is now renouncing the deal since 'more interesting' offers have come to his desk, starting with one from Valencia.

On Monday, Deportivo’s interest in the keeper Diego L??pez (24) was revealed.  The Galician player has been followed by Betis and Zaragoza too, but yesterday his agent Eladio Pereira said to sportpaper AS that his departure from Real Madrid is hard to imagine: "He’s really appreciated there (in Madrid), he is highly valued for his charisma and also for his qualities as a player. The reports from the coaches are positive and for the moment I have Butrague?o’s word that we will evaluate his performance season by season."

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