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26 Apr 2010
Despite that Depor has equalised its worst mark at Primers, with nine straight matchdays without a win, the papers were satisfied with the performance of the team. The media in Valencia was also content, though still unconvinced of the real level of their team.

AS: Valencia is still riding to the third place thanks to the strength at its stadium. 28 points added of the last 30 disputed at home. Another thing is the brightness, the unfolded game, the beauty of the used resources that, as the end of la liga approaches, has been reduced to the minimum. Emeryís team grappled against Deportivo with another of its well known plane games, no frills, soberly and safely. Cesar was a spectator -prime target accomplished- and then to see the strikers creating a goal chance and mission accomplished. That's the script, with limited opportunities but enough. Penalty created by Vicente and transformed by Villa. 1-0 and letís move forward.

Because Deportivo went out delivered to its fate; for Lotinaís men la liga ended a century ago and navigates through the second round as the worst team. Last night they reached the opposite area for the first time until the 70th minute. Very little to disturb the Valencians, who only hesitated by the narrow score, by the feeling that the water could reach their neck, but it never really overcame their waist. Miguel Ń. Vara

La Opiniůn A CoruŮa: Good image. Against a team that lives of the counterattack and looking for the back of the defender, Depor posed a game with an intensive backward movement, with a lot of aids and leaving no spaces. Only the right wing suffered, with the entries of Vicente and Jordi Alba, despite the aid of Juan Rodriguez to Laure. Up front the team was looking for Adrian and Riki. Both were giving the feeling that they were going to find a chance, but they were always neutralized. Only a distant shot of Riki created some danger. At this stage the team missed to exploit the wings and the sides, Pablo and Jordi Alba, who actually are wingers and are not used to be defending. Then came the fateful minutes, the penalty and the injury of Piscu, and that forced Depor to open for the second half; at that point the team needed more ball possession, and it didnít have it. The entry of Lassad, who fulfilled the job of playmaker, gave a better connection in attack and brought more speed, and the game became more intense, with chances for both teams. Both came close to 2-0 as to the 1-1. Richard Barral

La Voz De Galicia: Honorable Defeat. Mestallaís game wasnít a friendly, because there were three points in dispute, a fact that gave to the game an official stamp, where Valencia played to secure the third place, always looking to the Champions League. As it was known, for Deportivo it was just a process that Lotina, in a gesture easy to understand, described as a match to protect the ďprestige and the shield". It is a phrase, because the prestige of a team isnít endangered by a game, and less trivial as this one. And as for the shield, not even to dream it, because the shield of a club comes and goes with the same club, and Deportivo already left behind a century of history and what lies ahead yet, despite the painful and long negative streak they are living. What happened last night was what everybody expected as Deportivo lost its chances since some weeks ago. The 1-0 defeat, and taking in mind it was through a penalty, ití a result that in the past would have been described as honorable defeat, a phrase which I choose to title this review because I'm from the old days. Vicente LeirachŠ.

Xornal De Galicia: Only four games are remaining, and thank goodness. After nine games without a win, that's the thought that has been installed widely among the fans of Deportivo, which have gone from be dreaming of the Champions League to wish for the end of the season as soon as possible, because their team is deflated after every game thatís disputed. And that taking in mind that, yesterday in Valencia against one of the big teams, the Galicians had a good game, something that didnít happen in most of the previous meetings within the last two months. However, the marked change in attitude wasnít enough to add a point, and four matchdays before the end, the few remaining European options have vanished permanently. Omar Bello.

Superdeporte (Valencia): This is not the moment for philosophy. In another context, the game should be put into the sack of those meetings to be forgotten soon. The same Valencia CF squad broken in two pieces of the last appearances, chaotic transitions, suspicious attitudes at certain times and many more troubles from those that should have been lived against a rival that, fortunately, was this Deportivo without concerns or aspirations, which even had the chance to equalise and screw half a season. What happens is that we are just four matchdays from the end, the rival didnít score the goal and what counts in the end is the victory thanks to that penalty that was whistled Ėthatís also news-

Three points only useful to secure the third place at the standings, leaving the team closer to the Champions League, because the truth is that, by now, it isnít the time for philosophical discussions. You have to take as good the results though the game didnít leave very good vibes for what is yet to come. And you have to wait for the triumph at the end of the theory of lesser evil, which means that if Valencia didnít reach the finish line at its best moment, then at least it will do it well placed thanks to that cushion of points and better times, because neither the rivals are to celebrate with rockets their performances. Julian Montoro



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