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10 May 2010
Relief after Deportivo broke its negative mark of eleven straight games without a win, Lotina was content, while he was giving as good the whole season. Filipe was also feeling content with his return.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was admitting that his team is a different one when Filipe is on the pitch, “He isn’t at the top, that’s logical. In the play of the goal he demonstrated things that we were missing. We are pleased with Raúl, but this team is very different with Filipe, it was confirmed. Now the idea is that he can play for a while at San Mamés and that he can forget the injury.”

Later he was analyzing the game and feeling sorry for the long list of injuries, “It was important to finish well at home, we are happy. The team started a bit stuck then we changed the design so that Valerón was feeling more comfortable, more secure and with two passing lanes. Until that moment we were struggling to defend and attack. We changed Adrian to left side and Juan (Rodriguez) to the right and we were better. It was a long time since we played so fluidly. The sensations are better. One gets the feeling... if we came to be there ... it’s a pity. If we wouldn’t have had so many injuries we would be there. And that’s a pity..."

Finally, Lotina was saying that his goal is to end the season with a win at San Mamés, “This is season is for me an approved course. Let’s see if we can win at San Mamés and end up with 50 points,, which is a pretty number. I am happy, because t he bad streak that we had was very hard. We will enter into history for that negative streak, but what we did is to be satisfied, and I think that the players are thinking the same.”

All eyes were upon Filipe Luis, who was feeling excited with his comeback, “I am very content with my debut, but the important thing is that the team won again and I enjoyed with Valerón for a few minutes, which is a dream come true. I couldn’t expect a better return than this.”

“Things were fast and I never noticed a difference, but felt excited with all the applauses when I got out to the pitch, and I am very hopeful. I just felt like any other player, wanted to help the team and forget about the injury; I am very content for never losing the confidence.” The Brazilian added.

Fabril’s Raul Garcia was a starter in the game, he was also feeling relieved as Depor broke its negative streak, “The true is that the team fought hard at every moment, we worked hard and were all united, and in the end we had the satisfaction of the victory. I am feeling proud for been able to win, especially because we can dedicate it to the fans.”

David Rochela had a great game at the centre of the defense, he was content for the team and for his own performance, “We made a great game, in a general sense we played well and were very serious, in the end we materialized one goal. In a personal sense I am very content, because I am adding minutes and can't complain of anything. “

Riki was once again the most important player in attack and scored the winning goal, he was talking of the relief that he felt for breaking the recent poor form of the team, “It was important to win. To go to vacations with a streak of thirteen games without a win would have been painful. We deserved the victory and it’s an important result, for us and for the fans.”

“People were worried, because the team was coming after a negative streak. People can think what they want. They have the right to do it. We just try to do things right. We offered attitude, which is an important thing, because without attitude rarely you will obtain something positive in football.” The ex-Getafe added

Juan Carlos Valerón was having the same feelings, “The idea that we had was to not waste this opportunity to have a good feeling, in the past game the sensations weren’t good, and it isn’t the same to leave with a bittersweet taste than doing a good game and we won. In a personal sense I am content, because it’s important for me to have the sensation that I still can bring things to the team.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was also feeling content with the result and also with the return of Filipe, “We have to celebrate that the return of Filipe occurred before we expected. The victory is a reward for the fans. In the end la liga is putting everybody in their place.”

Later he talked of signings as he was asked about the five incorporations requested by Lotina, “We won’t talk of five signings, we will have less. And everything will be done with a sense of order, little by little, also with tranquility and serenity. We won’t mention names, because in one day one name comes out and in the other it goes out of the list.”

At Mallorca, coach Gregorio Manzano was feeling sorry for the wasted chances that his team had, "In the first half we had the game in our hands with some chances that didn’t materialize. In the second half, knowing what was happening in Sevilla, we tried to follow the same line, but we had more anxiety, Deportivo defended well, played the ball better than us at times and seized a defensive error to score."

Similar was the feeling of Gonzalo Castro, “We didn’t know how to win a game that we had at our reach; at this level you can't forgive. We fell down in the second part, but we played well in the first part though we didn’t materialize our occasions. They found that goal and we couldn’t win; now we have one week for the recovery.”





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