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04 Jul 2010
Right winger Saul Fernandez ended his contract with Elche FC on June 30; it was already known that he had an agreement with Deportivo, but until this day his signing isnít official. Whatís going on?

Another weird situation surrounds Deportivo; Saul Fernandez (25) ended his contract with Elche FC on June 30, however two months before everybody knew that he was going to Deportivo; this after several newspapers have reported that the Asturian winger had rejected the renewal offer from Elche in order to accept Deporís call.

On the past month the player even travelled to La CoruŮa in order to pass the medicals, which brought problems to him at Elche since the Segunda season wasnít over yet. At the time it was mentioned that the deal between Saul and Deportivo was going to be announced as soon as his contract with Elche was over.

But the deadline passed and the silence continued, apparently the problem is related to the conflict between the player and his agent, Josť Plaza. Saul is upset with Plaza for the way in which he managed the renewal negotiations with Elche, and decided to terminate the contract. But the agent has told to reporters that the relation between him and the player will only end on July 31, the last day of his contract with Saul.

Actually, he has menaced to take legal actions against the player and even against any club trying to negotiate a contract without his participation; it seems that if the player negotiates by his own before the deadline then he will have to pay Ä300,000 to the agent as compensation.

The newspapers believe this is the reason why the signing of Saul for Deportivo isnít official yet, because he is waiting to end his contract with Plaza to sign the papers. The problem is that Deporís pre-season starts on next Friday (July 8), this means three weeks before the termination of his contract with Plaza. The curious thing is that Lotina himself has admitted that the player is signed.

And now this should be a key week to know the truth, with Deporís first squad starting the pre-season on Friday, it will be interesting to realize what the club will do or if the player will show up in La CoruŮa to meet his new colleagues. 



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