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22 Jul 2010
There deal between Deportivo and Atletico for the transfer of Brazilian Filipe Luis hasn’t been signed yet, but both presidents already reached an agreement that could mean €15.5 million for Depor. The deal could be official on Thursday.

On Tuesday everybody was waiting for the official confirmation of Filipe Luis’ transfer to Atletico Madrid, but the announcement was never made and even by Wednesday the operation continued blocked. At the beginning the problems were related to the terms of the operation, and even some reports were appointing to differences between the same player and Atletico.

Firstly, the operation is complex and that’s the reason why is taking so long. And it’s that not even the global amount of the transfer was clear, the newspapers were talking of €12 million, but in the end the transfer could be valued between €13.5 and €15.5 million. What happen is that there are some clauses for objectives that are increasing the value of the deal.

Radio Gallega advanced the terms: Depor will receive €12 million for the transfer, €6 million now and the other half in two payments within the next two years (each year €3 million), then Atletico will forgive the €1.6 million of the unpaid debt for Ze Castro . Later Atletico will be compromised to take part in two of the next four Teresa Herrera tournaments, clause that has been valued in €1 million. Finally, Atletico would have to pay an extra million Euros according to the number of matches played by the Brazilian defender within the next two seasons. Therefore, if in the end all the clauses are fulfilled Depor will receive €15.5 million, but in the worst scenario it will see €13.5 million.

The main difficulty that was blocking the deal was the distribution of the payments, Lendoiro was requesting the 50% of the global transfer in a cash payment (€6 million), but Atletico Madrid was not offering more than €4 million. In the end Lendoiro prevailed. Apparently Depor’s president menaced to not allow the player to travel to Madrid until this requirement was fulfilled.

And if the situation wasn’t yet complicated, Sportpaper Marca printed on Wednesday that there was no agreement between the player and Atletico about his salary. It was informed that the Brazilian was going to sign a four-year-deal with a wage of one million Euros per campaign, but apparently the Brazilian is now asking for more. Now it seems that all the problems are resolved and the only thing left is to sign the papers and announce the deal.



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