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25 Jul 2010
The exit of Filipe Luis has meant the fifth largest sell in the history of the club, now Lotina must find solutions in order to strengthen the left side of Deportivo, one of the stronger points of the team in recent seasons.

Filipe Luis has been transferred to Atletico Madrid in an operation that will all least bring €13.5 million to Deportivo; in this way the transfer of the Brazilian becomes into the fifth largest sell in the history of the Galician club after the ones of Rivaldo (1997, €24 million), Flavio Conceicao (2000, €24 million), Roy Makaay (2003, €19 million) and Albert Luque (2005, €14 million).

Now, coach Miguel Angel Lotina is looking for the solutions in order to cover this important departure. In past week he assured to reporters that Deportivo was going to sign a new player if the Brazilian was leaving. And it’s that the left side of the pitch, with Filipe and Guardado, has been the stronger point of the team within the last two seasons, reason why is so important to find the same balance of the past.

Since the past week the name of Sergio Escudero (20, Real Murcia) has been mentioned as the main candidate for the job, and apparently Depor was offering €1.5 million, but Murcia seems to be asking for at least €2 million. The negotiations might continue within the next days.

For the moment Fabril’s Raul Garcia and Ianique Santos Tavares 'Stopira' are the two choices that Lotina is using for the left-back position, but it’s unlikely that both will stay at the first team for the regular season. Another choice could be to delay French Desmarets to that position.



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