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06 Aug 2010
Fabril’s striker Dioni couldn’t have had a better start after arriving from Segunda B; the Andalusian has scored six goals in five games, including one with Depor’s first team. Great progress since three year ago he was a plumber.

Perhaps one of the most pleasant surprises on the pre-season has been Dionisio Emanuel Villalba Rojano ‘Dioni’, a 20-year-striker that joined Deportivo B only three weeks ago after playing with Caravaca on the past season (Segunda B). The Andalusian had an instant impact as he scored four goals in his first three pre-season matches with Fabril.

Then he was picked by Lotina for Deportivo’s visit to Cardiff City and it was him the one that scored the winning goal on the game (1-0), then he returned to Deportivo B and scored against during Wednesday’s 3-0 win against Galicia Mugardos (Copa Diputación).

 In the end six goals in five games, promising numbers for this young striker, especially taking in mind the problems that Depor’s and Fabril’s strikers have had in recent years. An interesting fact is that he was picked to play a game for the first team without even completing a training session with the squad, an unusual thing with Lotina.

But maybe the most surprising thing is how things have changed for this Malaga-born kid. Three years ago he decided to leave the school in order to work as a plumber. He had to wake up at 5:00 AM  in the morning and was returning until late at night.

It was a situation that lasted one year and the player explained the reason during an interview at Depor Sport, “There was a time when, for me, the school turned into a secondary thing, because I was pretty bad on it. I always had football in my head; in the end I left the school when I was 16 and decided to start working. It was then when I decided to work by my own.”

Then, after one year of hard work, Dioni was signed by Real Murcia and after a promising stage at Caravaca he is arriving to Deportivo B; the striker was still surprised to remember his adventure in Cardiff, “It was unexpected, because I only had fifteen days with Fabril, but at the same time it was a pretty experience and I couldn’t believe it. My family was content, actually my mother was even crying of happiness.”

Despite his good performance at Cardiff, Dioni confessed that he was pretty nervous on the pitch and that he wasn’t doing what the coach asked, “I entered to the pitch willing to do a lot of things, but in the end I didn’t do what I had to do. I was running too much, and later my team mates told me to stay calm in attack. As it was my first game I was pretty accelerated.”

The explosion of the striker during the pre-season invites to think that soon he might reach the first team, but Dioni keeps both feet on the ground and for the moment wants to focus on Fabril, “Some people already told me about reaching the first team, but I see it as a difficult task. I am confident and at least the coach counts with me, but I see it difficult. My goal for the season is to have the chance to play at Primera, but for the moment my team is Fabril.” 



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