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07 Aug 2010
Depor’s coach talked to reporters before the trip to London; he gave some hints about the lineup that will face West Ham United, and also explained the moves that the club is making in the transfer market.

Miguel Angel Lotina talked at the press room of Abegondo after Friday’s training session; he started analyzing the friendly game against West Ham, “The games we've played have all been very demanding, except from the one against Union Berlin, but this game is a presentation match before the debut at the Premier League. The opponent has a lot of speed and pace, so it will be a very demanding encounter, and it will be useful for us."

Later he explained part of the starting eleven that will play at Upton Park, “Dioni is going to be a starter, because Riki has been playing a lot lately, and I want to see Lassad performing as a playmaker. Besides, Rochela is going to perform as a pivote and Seoane as the left-back defender.”

After it, the Basque man explained what the intentions with youngster Dioni are, “I want to see him against a strong rival and in a very demanding game. The logical thing is to see him playing at the B squad during the regular season; we signed him for that and it could be a case like the one of Lassad. We must give him some time and things should be assumed with calm.”

One of the issues that still worrying the fans is the lack of goals, but Lotina tries to remain calmed, “The goal is the product of hard work and also of the passes made by the second-line players; this year we have many more players with the capacity to score and give assists, in that sense we have improved a lot."

The Meñaka-born trainer also talked of the movements that Deportivo is doing during the transfer window, mainly related to the left-back position and the striking zone, “A side defender must be signed yes or yes, we have now two youngsters like Stopira and Raul, but they still need to improve and work hard at the B squad.   The idea is to sign a new side defender and sell him in three or four years.”

About the possible arrival of a striker, he said that, “It depends on other things: if we find the player that we want, if we invest the money in the side defender or in the striker… What I can tell you is that we have been looking for a striker in Brazil and in other two or three countries, but we must be patient. The world of football has changed, before you were able to sell the player if the signing went wrong. Now you must analyze a lot of things before investing two million Euros, because it’s an important part of the budget. I think that if I find the proper striker the president will sing him.”



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