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12 Aug 2010
Lotina said that the new left-back defender is close to arrive; it would be Spanish or Argentinean, while the signing of a striker is more difficult. At the same time the club is keen to sign Real Madridís keeper Felipe Ramos.

On Tuesday coach Miguel Angel Lotina explained the situation with the signings; he did it in a press conference after the first training session of the week. Itís well known that Deportivo is searching for a new left-back defender to replace the departure of Filipe Luis and also a new striker to end with the problems to score the goals.

The one that seems more close to arrive is the side defender, as Lotina explained, ďWe have made the contacts for the left-back and the logical thing is that in a few days everything will be resolved, because we already discarded several of the players that have been offered and for now we have a concrete name. We are just waiting for an answer.Ē

Asked about the name of the defender, he just answered that there are two main candidates, and that one of them is playing in Argentina and the other in Spain. At least he discarded the options of Del Horno and Jose Enrique, ďDel Horno is an choice that we have on mind, but we havenít talked to Valencia. Jose Enrique is a player that I like, but in England the wages are too high, who is going to pay his salary? I doubt Newcastle would assume the half of his wages.Ē 

More complicated is the possible arrival of the striker, as the Basque coach said, ďAbout the forward, we have more doubts, because the ones I like are too expensive and the ones that arenít expensive donít convince me. I just want somebody that can strike the ball with the left and the right leg, that can head the ball properly, somebody thatís fast and cheap.Ē

ďNeither itís something bad, because the team is having more arrivals to the opposite area and Iím sure that we have many players with the capacity to score goals, besides we already have three good strikers. It isnít easy to find someone better than Riki or AdriŠn. It neither means that our current strikers arenít convincing me, itís just that we need somebody different, because we donít have a real central forward. Weíre looking at the market, but canít assure if it will arrive.Ē

And on Wednesday it was revealed that the club is interested in the signing of a new goalkeeper, more in concrete the man on target is Felipe Ramos, a 22-year-old keeper that has been playing with Real Madrid Castilla and that already was European champion with the U-21 squad of Spain. He is ending contract which means that he would come for free. The idea is to alternate him between the first squad and Deportivo B. His arrival could give a clue about the future of Manu, the second keeper of Lotinaís team and thatís ending contract in June of 2011.  



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