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16 Aug 2010
Two weeks before the debut in la liga and coach Lotina is still waiting for the last two signings in order to close his squad. He has assured that at least a left-back defender will arrive. It seems the chosen one is Marc Muniesa.

The last week was really silent despite all the comments related to transfer rumours. Coach Miguel Angel Lotina has been saying that at least a left-back defender will be hired, while the case of the striker is more uncertain as it depends on what the club might found at the market.

Lotina clearly resumed the state of the negotiations for the left-back during a press conference that took place on Thursday, “We have made the contacts for the left-back and the logical thing is that in a few days everything will be resolved, because we already discarded several of the players that have been offered and for now we have a concrete name. We are just waiting for an answer.” 

Before that speech, the Basque manager revealed that he had two names, and that one was playing in Spain and the other in Argentina; the curious thing is that no names appeared in the newspapers or at the sporting websites, therefore it was a silent week despite the words of Depor’s coach.

However, that picture changed on Sunday. First, the media in Bilbao started to mention two names: Xabier Castillo Aranburu (24) and Mikel Balenziaga Oruesagasti (22), both play for Athletic Bilbao and the media in the Basque Country was trying to link them with Deportivo since Joaquín Caparrós doesn’t count with them ahead of the liga season.

Xabi Castillo was previously linked with Depor, but later moved to Athletic from Real Sociedad in a transfer that was valued in one million Euros. The true is that both players had a terrible year as both barely played and ended loaned at Segunda clubs. However, the same Lotina refused any interest in the duo during an interview with journalist Gonzalo Soto from Radio Galega, conversation that took place after the match of Fabril against Cerceda (Copa Diputación, 1-2 defeat for Depor B). And there’s more, because in that interview the Basque man admitted that the offer that he announced during the week was for Marc Muniesa Martínez, a 18-year-defender that belongs to Barcelona B and that perform at the centre or at the left side of the defence.

Barca’s coach, Josep Guardiola, was thinking of promoting Muniesa to the first squad of Barcelona, so that’s the reason why the operation got complicated. Actually, Depor’s coach said that if by Tuesday there is no news on this front then he and Lendoiro will go for the second choice, name that wasn’t mentioned by the coach.

Immediately, Gonzalo Soto interviewed president Augusto César Lendoiro, who was also witnessing the game of Fabril, and he was asked about the state of the negotiation for the arrival of the new left-back defender. The true is that Lendoiro acted differently than Lotina and refused anything. Actually, when he was asked if the club was looking for something at Catalonia, he just answered that, “Yes… we want Messi.”

More uncertain is the case of the striker, as not even Lotina knows if a new attacker will be signed, “About the forward, we have more doubts, because the ones I like are too expensive and the ones that aren’t expensive don’t convince me. I just want somebody that can strike the ball with the left and the right leg, that can head the ball properly, somebody that’s fast and cheap.” He said on Thursday.

One day later, newspaper La Opinión A Coruña published that Lotina still interested in Diego Da Silva Costa (21), the Brazilian striker that was linked with Depor as part of the transfer of Filipe to Atletico. However, Lotina said about this case that, “As I see the things, Atletico wants to keep Diego Costa at their squad, though he was hopeful about coming to Deportivo.”

And Atletico’s coach, Quique Sánchez Flores, has confirmed the issue. Atletico needs to see the exit of one player since they have too many players without an EU-passport. The idea is to loan one man until Kun Aguero gets his Spanish passport and the decision is between strikers Diego Costa and Salvio, and it seems that it won’t be the Brazilian, as Quique Flores said, “He is one more player at our squad. He is improving and is always dangerous when he goes out to the pitch.” 

On Sunday and during the previously mentioned interview at Radio Galega, Lotina confessed that he still hasn’t found a player that he likes; he admitted to have searched for strikers at the Balkan leagues, but that nothing interesting has been discovered. Now, the club has two more weeks to try to complete that squad that Lotina wants ahead of the liga season 2009/2010.



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