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19 Aug 2010
Depor activated the plan B after Barcelona FC discarded to negotiate for Planas and Muniesa; now the official paper of the club announces five candidates for the available spot at the left-back position. The main choice is Claudio Morel.

The endless quest for a new left-back defender continues; first coach Miguel Angel Lotina targeted two young promises from Barcelona B: Marc Muniesa (18) and Carles Planas (19). But since the Catalan club refused to negotiate their exit Deportivo had to search for other alternatives. At the beginning Lotina revealed to have other three choices, a 25-year-old player plus other two veteran defenders.

It appeared that those three choices were Carlos Bellvis (25, Tenerife), Claudio Morel (32, without a club) and Lucas Mareque (27, Independiente). But on Wednesday things changed once again after Depor Sport wrote the ‘classic’ list of five possible signings for one spot. These five new targets are:

Claudio Morel Rodriguez (32, without a team): He seems to be the main choice; his father and agent, Eugenio Morel talked to Radio Galega and admitted that he’s negotiating a contract with Deportivo, though he has other offers from other European clubs. It’s the most affordable option as the Argentine is currently a free agent after endings his contract with Boca Juniors. He’s a veteran defender that has been praised for his ability to shot on target. On Wednesday’s night Radio Onda Cero informed that the Paraguayan was close to accept Depor’s offer and that the deal could be for two years plus the option to extend it for one additional campaign.

Knut Olav Rindarøy (25, Molde FK): He’s a Norwegian left-back playing currently for Molde FK and that, at the beginning of the year,  was on a trial at Everton FC, Nottingham Forest and Manchester United. On the past season he played 29 league games with his club scoring one goal and already played once for his national team.  Depor will have to pay a transfer for his services.


Julio Andrés Arca (28, Middlesbrough): Maybe the most versatile of all the candidates; this Argentine player is a natural left-back defender, but it’s used to play at midfield. He was champion and captain of the Argentine team that conquered the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2001. He was transferred to Sunderland in 2000 in an operation that cost €3.8 million, and after 157 games at the Premier League he moved on to Middlesbrough, club where he’s the current captain of the team. His contracts ends in 2011, but Depor Sport speculates that he might come for free.

Leandro Marcelo Grimi (25, Sporting Lisbon): This left-back defender seemed to be a promising player after been signed by AC Milan in 2007, but the Argentine just played two official games there –plus one friendly- and was later loaned to Siena. After that Sporting Lisbon got interested in him and was loaned to the Portuguese side. It was a right move as the player convinced with his league performance; he also played three Champions League matches. Later Sporting paid €2.5 million for his final transfer. According to Depor Sport, the plan is to negotiate a loan operation.

Juan Manuel Díaz Martínez (25, River Plate): The younger among the five choices mentioned by Depor Sport, this Uruguayan left-back was part of the national team that represented his country in the FIFA U-20 World Cup that was played in Canada and was also part of the senior team that disputed the World Cup qualifiers, though he didn’t travel to South Africa. In 2008 he was signed by Estudiantes La Plata and was part of the team that conquered to Copa Libertadores 2009. In January of the present year Díaz signed a three-year-deal with River Plate after Los Millonarios paid $1.3 million (€1 million) for the 87% of his rights. Depor Sport informs that the plan is to negotiate a final transfer.

Despite Depor Sport assures that the new left-back defender that will join Deportivo is coming out from this list of five candidates, it calls the attention that Lucas Mareque (27, Independiente) isn’t part of the list, because several sources in Argentina were informing that a representative of Deportivo is currently in Argentina trying to negotiate his transfer with the officials of Independiente.



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