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14 Apr 2006
The summer market hasn't arrived yet, but in La Coru?±a the race to see who will reinforce the squad started a few days ago. The words of Caparr??s admitting that the club already have fulfilled some signings, and the rumours about the financial resources that Lendoiro already negotiated in England were the factors that started the speculation.

Now it's common to see everyday in the papers a long list of candidates, some are new ones and others are the same that have been repeated since December. One of the most completes reports has been written by newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a, the article analyses the names by each sector on the pitch.  presents a translation of this report that has been called: Open Market.

GOALKEEPERS: Molina and Dani Mallo end their contract this season. If they don't reach a new agreement, the position of goalkeeper will be for Mun??a. The present coach of Deportivo doesn't trust in the Uruguayan, besides he occupies one of the three places reserved to the non-communitary players. for that reason the club's officials are searching in the market. Albano Bizarri (28) could be the selected choice. He ends his contract with Valladolid in June (the most important condition) and also has experience playing in Primera. Besides the club could face his salary without too many troubles.

DEFENDERS: The last name added to this list is Almeria's central defender, Carlos Garc?­a (21). He fulfils the profile that Caparr??s needs and the cost is easy to assume. Alberto Lopo (25), the recent champion in copa del rey, is the jewel that everybody wants. He ends his contract in June and his main characteristic is the experience that he has. His signing is almost a fact, but the interest of other clubs with more money in their pockets could break down all the negotiation. Atl?©tico Madrid's Jos?© Francisco Molinero (20) could be the third novelty in order to cover the right side.

MIDFIELDERS: In Sporting Gij??n everyone believes that Pablo ?lvarez (25) already has a contract with Deportivo and Javi Fuego (20) could join him in the trip. Other choices could come with the descent of M??laga: Juan Rodr?­guez (24) and Sergio Duda (25) could end in La Coru?±a. The star incorporation will come from Argentina: Fernando Belluschi (22), a right winger that's playing in Newell's Old Boys. He would come thanks to his agent, Ver??n.

STRIKERS: Ikechukwu Uche (22) and Deportivo could be near to signing a contract, the only thing left is the agreement between  both clubs. Other deals that are near to happening involves the Madrilian Roberto Soldado (20) and the veteran Salva Ballesta (30). In Argentina the name of Rodrigo Palacio (24) has been linked with Depor.

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