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05 Oct 2010
Sorrow after the humiliating defeat in Madrid; Lotina said that Depor is now the worst team at Primera, while only Guardado and Juan Rodriguez dared to speak to the media. Meanwhile, Lendoiro said that he still trusting in the coach.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was expressing his sorrow after the huge defeat, but at the same time was trying to believe in his squad, "A lot of people will not sleep tonight. We are missing confidence and I think that we are going to surpass this moment. I know that right now we are the worst side at Primera, but are just two points away from a lot of teams. The kind of game we did could be useful in order to realize that this is a problematic situation. It might be positive, because people have to react. I still trusting in this squad, it may not be easy, but we are able to stay at Primera."

Also, for the first time he was asked in public about a possible resignation, he thought it for a few seconds and later responded that “No”. Later he continued analyzing the game, “Beyond the schemes the confidence is the main fact affecting us; we aren’t able to complete a proper pass in attack, there is no depth and you can notice the problems everywhere. I don’t know how many time do we need, but I believe that we can turn around this situation.”

Reporters were questioning the attitude of the players, and the Basque man responded that, “After the game against Almeria, match in which we missed too many passes, I talked to the boys. The players said they were feeling more comfortable marking the rivals and not by zones, that’s why we decided to change and later leaked a goal at minute three. We can’t allow this. I talked to the players at the hotel, and we said that we needed to win the next game, but everything that was said it ended to be fatal.”

After the tense and cold press conference, Lotina talked to Radio Galega and was more critic towards his players, “Some players are so bad right now that maybe a couple of days on the bench will make them react. We must look for a change. From here only the strong survives the weak remains out. "

And when the team arrived to the airport in La Coruña, the coach was asked again if he was thinking in resigning, and it was the same response, “Resign? Never, that’s for mediocre people. Right now I am not worried of me, but of the fans, because I have the feeling to be failing to them. We are missing a reaction. I have achieved several things in my life, several promotions, but also a relegation, with Real (Sociedad) and I remember it all the days of my life. I don’t want to live anything like that again, so we need to do anything to avoid it.”

Meanwhile, only two players dared to go out and face the reporters, the first one was Andrés Guardado, who was talking of negative sensations, “The feelings are very bad, very bad. Nobody likes to get thrashed in any field. But we need to know how to raise the head and be aware of the fact that we are only one game away of leaving the relegation zone and must stick with it. Now we must think of the next games and we need to go out with the knife between the teeth and get the three points."

“Rather than the coach we are with Deportivo. Each one belongs to this institution to which we must respect. There is a lot ahead and we can’t make a drama of a match, because a game like this one only occurs once in a while. At the changing rom there are many questions after a result like this one and it’s the same for the coach, the score sucks but what we can’t do is to separate ourselves and get off the boat.” The Mexican added.

The other player that talked to the media was Juan Rodriguez, he was asking for union in a complicate moment like the present one, “Nobody likes to lose like this; the fans are worried and so are we, this is a collective thing and we need to be united trying to not be nervous, and especially to not lower the arms.”

“Clearly things are not working out, that’s why I didn’t celebrate my goal, though it was our first goal in a normal play during this season. And it’s that the rivals score against us in each opportunity they have.  Now we have to recover and train well for the next game. If we beat Osasuna then this streak of poor results will surely end.” He added.

President Augusto César Lendoiro also talked to reporters, he was admitting the superiority of Real Madrid, “We must give importance to the players; not only the draw of Barcelona motivated the rival, because they were also willing to demonstrate things after all that was said during the week. There were difficult circumstances. You have to understand football in this way. We have been somewhat soft. We tried to play and not break the show. But the players have given their best effort until the end. Sometimes a team has no luck. Today it happened to us. We didn’t have the goals.”

Asked about the status of Lotina, Depor’s boss assured that no drastic measures will be taken, “"Experience shows us that we need peace of mind. We are in this situation for specific issues. It has been a thing of one goal or two or three points, that if we have achieved those points, then we wouldn’t be talking about it. You just can’t say that nothing is happening, but neither can we make a drama. It’s time to think and realize that we must raise the head. In the next games we should add the three points and escape from this situation, relatively circumstantial, but nobody likes to be there. "

At Real Madrid, coach José Mourinho was pretty content with the result, “This game wasn’t different to the one against Ajax. We never created more scoring opportunities compared to the game at Mallorca or the 0-0 against Levante. For me the most important thing is that we are strong at defence, though with the 3-0 we allowed them to reach our area more often.”

Later the “special one” explained his tactic to neutralize the game of Deportivo, “Rubén Pérez goes down a lot in order to receive the ball from the central defenders and that’s the reason why I put Özil separated from the two pivotes, because I was covering the output of Deportivo with the ball.”

Meanwhile, striker Gonzalo Higuaín, who participated in the major part of the goals, was expressing his satisfaction with the game of his team, “"The truth is that I am very happy, because it was a very good game and our people enjoyed. Everything went well. We opened the score really fast and that disrupted the game for them. Now the break in la liga is coming and it was good to leave like this."





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