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17 Oct 2010
Two experienced coaches are colliding at the Riazor; Lotina was asking for concentration in order to face the game, while Camacho is concern for the lack of goals at his team.

José Antonio Camacho is a former player of Real Madrid that won several trophies in his career, including nine ligas. He retired after the season 1988/89 and began to work as the coach of Rayo Vallecano, club that he promoted to Primera División. Then he worked for RCD Espanyol in two different stages and also with Sevilla FC, later he was the national coach of Spain during the UEFA EURO 2000. This last experience was a disaster, after it he became the coach of Benfica in Portugal. In October of 2008 the Murcian manager was signed as the replacement of José Ángel Ziganda at Osasuna as this last one was fired after just six matchdays.

No matter the large experience of these two coaches, Camacho and Miguel Angel Lotina have only met in four previous occasions playing for Primera División. The first one was during the season 1996/97, Lotina was working with Logroñes and Camacho with Sevilla FC, the match was won by Lotina’s team with a 2-0 score (matchday 05).  Then, Lotina’s Depor and Camacho’s Osasuna drew at the Riazor in a goalless match (matchday 23, season 2008/09). And on the past liga edition Lotina achieved his second win in the series with a 1-0 win in La Coruña (matchday 17), in the returning match the Navarrans won with a 3-1 score (matchday 36).

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday; he was announcing several changes in the lineup, “We have picked twenty players and that was my decision; I don’t have any doubt with the list and neither with the lineup. I already know who is going to play. We will see changes, I didn’t count how many, but we will see several of them. Colotto is coming back, Aranzubia is returning, Adrian will play again. I don’t know which it’s your definition of revolution, but we will see changes, some are forced ones and other caused by the current situation.”

Later he was emphasizing that his team needs concentration to face the game, “This match is demanding more concentration than any other match we have faced, this due to our current situation in the competition. We will see a high intensity on the pitch. The concentration will be a key, we must fight at 100% for all the balls, because the fans will demand this for ours. The team must forger the standings and fight at the top.”

About the rival, the Meñaka-born trainer is saying that Osasuna, like Deportivo, is fighting to end the season at mid-table, “If you look to the current and the final standings, you will realize that the changes are big from one year to the other. Osasuna and we are trying to be one of those teams making a giant step.”

About the reunion of the players and his physiologist on Friday, the coach commented that,  “We planned this since last week. I thought that a meeting could bring some things and hopefully we will see an improvement in all aspects, but not just thinking about tomorrow, but for the rest of the tournament.”

Finally, Lotina denied any confrontation with Lopo as some newspaper were suspecting, “My relationship with Lopo is like always. He is the player that has been under my command during more time, a son for me, but in some moments he acted like my father. So, our relation is solid. If I think that he has to play he will do it, and if not, then he won’t play.”

Osasuna’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday’s morning; he started talking of the absences of defender Sergio Fernandez and striker Pandiani, “Sergio is not feeling comfortable, on Monday he will travel to Barcelona in order to have a knee scan and let’s hope he could be fine. About Pandiani, we prefer to not take more risks with him.”

Later he was assuring that his team is going out in order to pick up the three points, “We don’t go out just to draw a game, but a different thing is what could occur during the matches. It isn’t easy to win outside home, but we will try to do it.”

“We depend on a match to be higher or lower. But the goal is to be where we are now: saved two or three matchdays before the end. We have to go out looking for points and victories, because adding points will give us confidence. And for that we need to avoid the mistakes of many of the goals that we have allowed. Those goals weren’t the merit of the rivals, but our own mistakes. And we must score, because is difficult to score against us. If we score a goal, then we have a high probability to win."

Before the press conference, the Murcian coach gave an interview to La Voz de Galicia and talked of the tough competition in la liga, “Right now there are fourteen or fifteen teams that if they start strong they will be at the top, but if not they will fell down. It’s a matter of winning or losing one game to face one or another situation, to climb or descend ten positions. The problem is that, if you lose, then people start to think weird things. We, if we win at the Riazor, will be in a good situation, but if we lose the team will enter into the same situation than Depor or Zaragoza. Each game changes the story.”

He was also saying that the main problem of his team is the lack of goal, “We aren’t having problems with our game, neither in defence, but we are having problems in order to score decisive goals. We have dominated our matches, especially the ones at home, place where we drew twice and we could have won those games against Almeria and Levante. To score a goal is the law in football, but it’s so difficult.”



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