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19 Oct 2010
The players were satisfied with the performance of the team, but at the same time were admitting the anxiety in order to win and score the goals. Meanwhile Lotina was saying that he doesn’t have a good team.

Despite that Deportivo hasn’t wont yet any liga game on this season, coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was content with the performance of his team, "It´s one of the games that I have liked the most, and I can't reclaim anything to the players. We had scoring opportunities and must follow this lane. The important thing is the attitude of the team, we need to correct a few things and we had that responsibility, and have quality players for that."

At the same time, the Basque manager was remembering the limits of his players, “I have a good group of men, a good squad, but surely I did the wrong things since we don’t have a good team, perhaps I don’t have the men to play in the way I want, but I don’t want us to be a predictable team.”

Depor still in relegation, but Lotina still optimistic about the future, “We haven’t won yet any game, but still three points under the safety; we need to improve, and little by little we are getting noticed of the six or seven teams that will be fighting to survive , and I’m sure that we are going to leave this zone.:” Finally, he was praising the level of Seoane, “He is good in the aerial game, he is fast and has continuity; I don’t know if it will happen on this year, but he is going to be a good side defender.”

Juan Rodriguez was trying to be optimistic ahead of the future, “The team played in order to take the three points. We had enough opportunities, but never seized those chances. Now we can’t go down; the team needs to work hard every day in the trainings in order to start scoring the goals.”

The Andalusian midfielder was also suggesting that the team is anxious in the attempt to score the goals, something that might be negative for them, “There’s some anxiety on here: the team wants to win, it creates scoring opportunities and we didn’t materialize those chances. This fact is affecting and it’s a circumstance against us, but the goals will come if we work hard.”

Similar were the thoughts of Diego Seoane, who made a solid presentation acting as a left-back defender, “We started with intensity and had enough opportunities, though we missed more decision against the goal; the true is that we had attitude.”

Meanwhile, Yves Desmarets was emphasizing the work of keeper Ricardo, who made eleven saves throughout the game “The true is that their keeper was pretty solid; he stopped two shots that I made almost simultaneously, but this result won’t make us to lower the head.”

Aranzubia debuted on the season clinching a clean sheet; he was trying to be optimistic ahead of the future, “It’s always difficult, but we have just started. It isn’t something to be calmed, actually we should be worried, but not alarmed. We just had good sensations and must continue working; I’m sure the results will come.”

Albert Lopo was also satisfied with the performance of the team, though he knows that Depor still having problems to score the goals, “We don’t have luck against the goal, but the sensations were positive and I think that we can’t reclaim anything to the team, even so Osasuna had opportunities to win the game. For me this was a long and hard week.”

Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ made a solid game at the right-back position, despite not achieving the win, he was convinced that Depor is in the right direction, “This is the path to follow; we don’t like the position in which we are now, but the whole team knows that we must keep fighting.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was talking of bad luck, “There is no luck, we had several opportunities and have dominated the entire game waiting for that goal that never came, sometimes for the great saves of Ricardo and others for the lack of aim of the players, and this is the reality. We must wait for the return of all the injury people and to think that someday all these opportunities will be materialized and that things will change.”

Depor’s boss also commented on the rumours appointing that Depor can sign Mario Bermejo in the coming days, “I don’t know from where came the rumour that we could change the squad now, there’s no chance in making a move until January, and let’s hope it will be like that, because it will mean that one of our players has a serious injury. I don’t know who invented that rumour, but it isn’t true.  Neither Mario Bermejo nor anybody else, right now we can’t make a signing.”

At Osasuna, coach José Antonio Camacho was content with the final result, “A point, at this stage of the season, is very important; we were coming for the three points, but lately we have had everything against us. As it happened in Barcelona, the team spent a lot of time with ten men, and we noticed it; we can’t reclaim anything to the players.”

He was also criticizing the job of referee Pérez Lasa, “I watched a legal goal so big as a cathedral, besides to a penalty and a red card that was also big as a cathedral. We must wait to see everything calmed, and to see everybody realizing that we don’t have anything to do with the team left behind by Real Madrid and their problems; we must work hard, but the circumstances aren’t allowing us to work in peace.”

Finally, Javier Camuñas was commenting his expulsion, “I told the referee that he was a pimp, but it never was a way to insult him. In ten years in football I never was sent off. I said that, but never wanted to offend him, I just need to apologize to my team mates and the coaching staff, because I left the team with ten men. I never offended the referee, so I don’t need to ask for apologies to him.”





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