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29 Nov 2010
Poor game of Lotina’s team and first loss for Depor after a month of good results; the Galicians just had the attempt of Adrian that hit the post and later committed several errors at defence. Racing deserved the win and even wasted a penalty.

No surprises at both starting lineups as Lotina and Portugal were presenting the expected formations; Depor’s coach was keeping the 5-2-2-1 scheme that has gave good results within the last weeks, with the only novelty of Pablo Álvarez, who was making his first appearance as starter on the liga season.

Daniel Aranzubia was the starting keeper; Manuel Pablo played at the right-back position, Diego Seoane covered the left sector, while Diego Colotto, Aythami Artiles and Albert Lopo were the three central defenders. At midfield, Rubén Pérez and Juan Rodriguez were the two pivotes; Pablo Álvarez was the playmaker performing towards the right, Yves Desmarets played at the left and Adrian was be the central attacker.

At Racing Santander, coach Portugal trusted in ex-Depor Pedro Munitis, Marcus Rosenberg and Iván Bolado to score the goals. It was a cold day in Spain, with low temperatures across the Iberian country, in some regions below the cero degrees; at El Sardinero the temperature was 7 degrees Celsius. To mention that the pitch was soft after the strong hail storm that fell in Santander during the morning

It was a complicate half for Depor; Racing Santander showed the same lack of aim that desperate its own fans, but the true is that the main opportunities for the Cantabrians came after the errors committed by Lotina’s players, and it’s that the Galicians were missing too many passes and a couple of those mismatches almost cost a goal. Meanwhile, Depor was diluted in attack, and only had the attempt of Adrian hitting the post.

Another problem for Depor was that Lotina ordered to its defensive zone to advance their position on the pitch, this in order to avoid the harassment sawn in the past visits to RCD Mallorca and UD Levante, however this tactic gave more problems than solutions, because it allowed Racing to release dangerous counterattacks that forced the defenders to run a lot, something that was even worse due to the poor passing of the team. For this reason Depor’s players seemed out of place each time that Racing was releasing a fast attack.

The first five minutes were moved; with both teams trying to practice a dynamic football, but at the same time they were missing more precision in attack as they had problems to reach the opposite goal. The first attempt to score was for Racing and came at minute 4; it was after a corner-kick for Depor, Manuel Pablo failed to contain the counterattack of Racing and Kennedy was left alone against Aranzubia, but the final attempt from the Swedish player was too easy for Depor’s keeper.

The following minutes meant a harassment of Racing over Depor’s goal, with Racing pushing strongly on Deportivo’s side of the pitch, and with the Galicians waiting for a chance in a counterattack. And that chance came at minute 11 as Pablo Álvarez made a long pass to Adrian, who ran twenty meters to end crossing Tońo with a drilling shot that hit the far post, luckily for Racing the ball went out and back into the path of Tońo.

After that play things were more equal on the pitch, with Depor enjoying of long ball possessions, and with Racing still insisting in attack. At minute 16, Munitis attempted with a drilling shot from the edge of the area, but the ball went out. Four minutes later Iván Bolado made a great solo-play inside the area, but the striker didn’t have the time to beat Aranzubia.

Racing was, once again, in command of the actions, but was having big problems to pass the defensive wall of Depor. The Cantabrians had a big chance at minute 25, a drilling pass of Kennedy left Iván Bolado  alone against Aranzubia, but the keeper cleared the danger. Meanwhile, Depor was having big problems in attack, Desmarets and Pablo Álvarez were more worried in defending, and the long throws of Depor were finding no one.

The locals weren’t creating too many danger, but the errors of Depor were giving live to Racing; at minute 31, Aythami missed to clear the ball at midfield, Rosenberg got it and ran until the edge of the area, but his final shot went wide.

At minute 40, Racing had a new big chance. Again thanks to an error of Deportivo; Juan Rodriguez was at midfield and tried to pass the ball with a header, but instead he assisted Rosenberg, who later passed the ball to Munitis, then the ex-Depor winger sent a high cross from the left and the ball went into the path of Kennedy, who sent the ball over the crossbar despite been alone inside the box. The first part ended with a counterattack for Racing that was cleared by Colotto to corner-kick. At half-time it game the sensation that Racing was forgiving too much and that Depor should have thanked the tie, though they had the chance of Adrian to take the lead.

The poor performance of Deportivo continued and it gave the sense of been a team that didn’t know what to do against a willing Racing that took the advantage in the scoresheet at minute 60; the Galicians aren’t used to be in disadvantage i and looked desperate to tie the actions, and in the end Racing was closer to increase the lead.

Depor had the first opportunity in the half, Pablo Álvarez made a play on the right wing and his cross was searching for Desmarets, but Tońo cleared the ball with one hand and later a defender sent the ball out of the area. A tactical switch witnessed in the half was to see Manuel Pablo playing on the left and Seoane on the right, move that was trying to obstruct the game of Kennedy.

The first approximation of the locals on the second part was a play between Iván Bolado and Rosenberg, but the drilling shot was stopped by Aranzubia (49’). Depor seemed more focused within the first minutes, the defensive line was still playing in an advanced position, but this time the players were more concentrated and were cutting the game of Racing at midfield.

But this image was vanished at minute 54 as Depor lost another ball at midfield that allowed Munitis to face Lopo; the winger fell down to the ground when he was inside the area and the public protested the penalty, but the referee indicated that it was a corner-kick. Lotina didn’t see things clear and ordered the entry of Valerón for a disappeared Desmarets.

However, it was Racing the side that founded the goal, it was after cross of Kennedy that Marcus Rosenberg met inside the area, Lopo tried to clear the ball first, but the Swedish attacker hit the ball later with the knee and went in by the top left corner of Aranzubia.

Depor reacted with a great play of Adrian, who made a good assist to Juan Rodriguez, but the Andalusian midfielder sent the ball over the crossbar from close range. Depor was now living a new situation, because for the first time in four games it was in disadvantage in the scoresheet, which forced the Galicians to take the initiative.

Then Depor decided to replace Pablo Álvarez with Lassad ; Depor was trying to attack, but it was missing ideas up front, at the same time Racing was now finding more spaces in attack, Rosenberg had a great chance after an assist of Lacen, but his attempt to chip the ball was stopped by Aranzubia (73’).

Despite the changes, Lotina’s team was still missing more football in attack, that’s why a desperate Lotina ordered the entry of Urreta for Juan Rodriguez, which pulled Valerón to a more central position. At minute 85, Racing had the big chance to score the second goal as Aythami pushed Kennedy inside the area; the referee whistled the penalty, but Rosenberg just hit the crossbar in the attempt form the spot; the miss kept the tension within the final five minutes, though the true is that Racing was closer to score the second than Depor of equalizing the actions, but Aranzubia made two saves against Ariel and Edu Bedia, duo that entered to the pitch for the final minutes.

First defeat for Depor in a month and first loss in Santander after fifteen years; Lotina’s team left a poor impression and never looked comfortable on the pitch. The defensive line committed too many errors and the offensive line was simply inexistent, actually the only shot on target for Deportivo was the effort of Adrian that hit the post. Neither Racing did too much, but it deserved the victory as it had the initiative in the major part of the encounter.

The only good news for Deportivo is that the three bottom teams lost in their respective games (Málaga FC, UD Almeria and Real Zaragoza), reason why the relegation zone still four points under the Galicians; on next Monday Lotina’s team will be hosting Hércules FC at the Riazor (21h00 CET), another direct rival as the team from Alicante defeated UD Levante and is now one point above the Blanquiazul side.
Racing: (4-2-3-1) Tońo - Francis, Henrique, Torrejón, Cristian - Colsa, Lacen – Kennedy, Bolado (Edu Bedia 72’), Munitis – Rosenberg (Ariel 87’).
Deportivo: (5-2-2-1) Aranzubia – Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Aythami, Lopo, Seoane – Rubén Pérez, Juan Rodriguez (Urreta 81’) – Pablo Álvarez (Lassad 70’), Desmarets (Valerón 57’) – Adrián.
Goal: 1-0 (61’) Rosenberg
Referee: Carlos Clos Gómez. He showed yellow card to Rubén Pérez (84’) and Rosenberg (85’).
Venue: El Sardinero (12,086)
Other statistics: Ball possession (53% - 47%); Total shots (11 - 4); Shots on target (6 - 1); Saves by the keepers (0 - 5); Corner-kicks  (7 - 2); Offsides (6 - 2); Fouls committed (10 - 11); A
ccuracy in the passes (81.06% - 76.67%)




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