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30 Nov 2010
Heavy criticism towards a Depor that was defeated for the first time in a month; the papers believe that the Galicians gave a step backwards at El Sardinero as it played an awful game.

La Opinión A Coruña: Streaks and lies. No signs of the strong and well-armed Depor that showed intensity in order to get out of relegation. At El Sardinero it allowed more scoring opportunities than in the previous six matches together, and thus it’s difficult to scratch something positive away from home, even in the field of Racing, team that neither is something out of this world. It won because it was the only one who aspired to do it, or at least it seemed like that. And luckily Aranzubia was particularly inspired, because otherwise the score would have been bigger. Racing won with justice against a Depor that didn’t match the expectations. Especially because it didn’t compete as in recent weeks; If Deportivo doesn’t bite, then is less team.

That is what it counts when the ball starts to roll, not the statistics. They are a lie. Only numbers, cold numbers that simply set trends, but don’t guarantee anything. Fourteen and a half years after their last league defeat in Santander, Deportivo is losing in Cantabria. Good-bye to the historic streak and farewell  to a soothing series of results -six official matches without losing- which served to camouflage the shortcomings of a Deportivo that still harmless in attack. Not a single shot on target throughout the match, embarrassing for a team that relies too much on set-pieces. The only good thing was the return of Urreta. Yesterday he didn’t appear, but has much to offer. People missed him, almost as much as Riki, the only number nine at the squad. Eugenio Cobas.

La Voz De Galicia Depor revives the old vices. Installed in the security of having found a pattern that was fitting like a glove, and with the confidence of four wins and two draws in a month, the Galicians fell down against Racing and gave a step backwards in its evolution. Their uncertainties and the numerous lost balls ended up shooting its anxiety at defense and converted its attackers into ghosts. They never scared the rival. Yesterday it broke its own record as it lost the ball in 117 opportunities. Only in two matchdays it had passed the number of 100. In both cases reached 103, it was in the games against Levante (victory) and Zaragoza (draw). Against Real Madrid the number was 99.

Without depth or the deadlock at defense, Depor lost its identity of the last month. Only twice it approached to the goal of Toño: the shot to the post in a solo-action of Adrian, and the high shot of Juan Rodriguez. It never had any opportunities in set-pieces, a factor that Racing seemed to have studied. Thus, they never conceded a foul at the edge of the area; neither is recalled one of those crosses that appears to have a magnet for Colotto’s head at the far post.

Even Lopo, who played the final minutes as the improvised striker waiting for the balls of his colleagues, ended in despair. He never received any pass from his colleagues, who at times seemed to have enough with been standing up on the pitch. For Aranzubia, however, the work was multiplied. Pablo Barreiros

AS: In rarely occasions a game of this importance was so unequal and at the same time it opted for a difference so minimal. Racing won fairly by its ambition and perseverance, but it didn’t deserve to suffer what it suffered against Deportivo. Especially, after having wasted countless opportunities (seven), including Rosenberg's penalty. The Swedish, precisely, was the responsible for pulling down the Galician wall, just when it was less expected. The cross was of Francis and the help of Lopo. The scheme of five players at the back blew out at that moment, though it could have done it much earlier showing up that, sometimes, you don’t defended better by having more people, but by having better arguments.

Only the failures of Racing and the magic of Adrian, who smashed a ball into the post, kept Deportivo alive. In the end, the scoresheet gave the same award to Racing as if would have achieved a big score: relief. Therefore Portugal is pleased as he is recovering allies. Depor, in the other way, slows down its magical month and its winning streak in Santander. Alfredo Matilla

El País: Miguel Angel Portugal survives and so it does Racing and Deportivo, sides that are watching relegation four points behind, but at the same time both teams emit signals of distress. They punished the heroes who bravely challenged the cold at El Sardinero with a happy ending for Racing. No one can speak of injustice. Portugal’s attacked badly, but its opponent defended worse. Rosenberg decided on a goal that summed up what was the evening: he wanted to finish the ball with the foot, it touched it with the knee and went to the top-corner. The response of Deportivo was icy, unable to shoot on goal in the remaining half hour.

There was more mud than football, because Racing is living a delicate moment and Deportivo has almost nothing. Not even by spending a whole month without a defeat it is hidden the weaknesses of a group that despised midfield, and when it tried to rescue it there was no answer. After the disastrous start of season Lotina found solutions in the accumulation of defenders. His team was again locked at the back and left an ocean between the defense and the attacker, but also showed its imprecisions in risk areas. Racing didn’t seize those chances despite that Kennedy appeared all the time. Juan Cudeiro.

Marca: After 13 years watching how Deportivo was taking positive results from the visit to El Sardinero, Racing finally took the three points against the Galicians, and all thanks to a goal of Rosenberg. A victory that also gives a break to Miguel Ángel Portugal, who feared his dismissal in case of another defeat.

Against Deportivo, Racing demonstrated again how difficult is for them to score a goal. Rosenberg, Bolado, Kennedy and company have failed many times before a Depor that played with its usual defense of five men, but that made many mistakes at the back zone. Carlos Jurado.

El Diario Montañes: Racing loves the suffering. It only responds if you prick them. It only reacts if they feel the harassment. It happened the day of Osasuna and it happened again before Depor. In the week of mistrust and the dark clouds, even the rain took a break to give a new opportunity to the team and its coach. 1-0 and fair victory. Portugal is getting used to save his job only at the last chance. It seems like the story of the pastor threatened by the arrival of the wolf... against Depor it didn’t come. The team played well and didn’t deserve to suffer so much. Now, the unfinished business still when Racing plays away from home. Because the wolf can arrive in the end... Álvaro Machín



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