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27 Jan 2011
Despite the several names mentioned on the papers and the problems of Lotina in attack, the club still without closing the arrival of the so expected goal-scorer, and the transfer window closes its doors on Monday’m midnight.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was desperate after the last defeat against Real Zaragoza; in the press conference after the match he was imploring for new signings; on Tuesday he repeated the message though without the same dramatic speech. However, the general feeling is that the club won´t make any signing during the winter window, which closes its doors on Monday’s midnight.

 And it’s that president Augusto César Lendoiro has the pending subject of Sergio, the former midfielder of Depor presented a demand before la liga, because the club hasn’t paid him the part of the cancelation of his contract that corresponds to the month of January. The president is furious with the ex-captain of the team as he presented the demand on January 3, just when the club had the whole month to make the payment.

Now, Lendoiro has said that the club won’t make the payment until the last day of the month, which means that the club won’t be able to inscribe any new signing until that day. Anyhow, the club is finding a lot of problems at the transfer market, according to Lotina the idea is to get a new striker that can guarantee goals plus a winger that can replace the possible exit of Urreta. In both cases it would a loan operation, but Lendoiro himself already admitted that all the negotiations have been though and that it will be difficult to complete any new signing.

The possible new arrival that has raised all the expectations is the one of the striker; Lotina said that the club found a goal-scorer that was wishing to come, but that his current club wasn’t allowing his exit. The most mentioned name on the papers is Turkish Semih Şentürk (27, Fenerbahçe FC), two weeks ago Sportpaper Marca claimed that he was already signed, but Lotina already told to reporters that he doesn’t know anything about this player.

The latest names appearing on the papers are ex-Depor Francisco Jiménez Tejada ‘Xisco’ (24, Newcastle United), Paraguayan Guillermo Beltrán (26, Nacional de Paraguay) and Mexican Carlos Vela (21, Arsenal FC). Lotina hasn’t revealed any name, he just give a couple of clues as he said that the club had two names over the desk, and that both players were performing in foreign leagues and that they don’t have an EU passport.

About the possible arrival of a new winger, the only name released by the media is Pedro León (24, Real Madrid). According to Radio Galega, the former player of Getafe is the main wish of Lotina, but it is a difficult operation as he is a player that still in the plans of Mourinho at Real Madrid.

Finally, the club was tempted to sell some players during the winter window, more precisely the cases of Juan Rodriguez and Antonio Tomás. Lendoiro confessed some days ago that he received offers for both men, but he rejected the propositions, curiously both end contract in June. Therefore the only exit that could occur in the coming days is Jonathan Urreta, who is wishing to return to Peñarol, however Lendoiro will not allow it so easily.



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