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28 Feb 2006
The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has arranged the second-leg match between Espanyol and Deportivo for the Wednesday March 15th. A decision that has caused a negative response in the Galician club. Lendoiro believes that the decision was established without consulting Deportivo and he is asking for a new date.

On Monday afternoon the RFEF sent a communication to Espanyol and Deportivo, the decision of the federation was to fix the second leg-game of the semifinal for March 15th. The final match has been arranged for April 12th in a stadium to be decided. According to the RFEF the match can't be played next week since the European competitions will affect the acceptance of the match by the TV's companies.

But Deportivo doesn't agree with this decision. The Galicians asked to fix the game with Espanyol for the next Wednesday (March 9th). Lendoiro thinks that the European competitions shouldn't affect the occurrence of the match, for that reason and advised by the club's lawyers he sent a protest to the RFEF arguing that "the other finalist of the copa should be known as soon as possible since the fans need time in order to prepare their travel to the final."

The club hasn't spoken about how long will they keep their fight in order to change the date of the semifinal. Espanyol is in an advantage since they won the first-leg with a 2-1 score. A new decision of the RFEF could be announced in the next days, but the media in Spain believe that the federation will maintain their decision.

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