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30 Apr 2006
Caparr??s and the players of Deportivo believe that the squad didn't deserve the defeat in the derby. They also criticized the performance of the referee Pino Zamorano since he wasn't severe enough in his interventions, specially in the first goal of Celta, an action in which Silva handled the ball after a corner-kick.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s knows that the defeat is painful for his squad, but he assured that the team made a good game: "Deportivo played a good match today, the only thing that we missed is effectiveness. We obligated Celta to play in their area, we created pressure and they didn't have to many occasions, but in football the one that defines, is the one who wins the games."

The Sevillan coach had also criticism against the performance of the referee Pino Zamorano, specially for the hand of Silva in Celta's first goal: "The players commented to me what happened, and the people in the stadium saw it too. There was a hand in the goal and the assistance should noticed. Because it cost us a goal when the team was felling comfortable over the pitch. I guess that nobody saw it and for that reason they didn't make the right call."

Caparr??s also commented the red card of Coloccini, he is convinced that his players need to be concentrated in each match in order to avoid this situations: "We have to calm down ourselves. It's true that the players are the only ones that know the sensations they feel on the pitch, but we will analyze this case with the player."

Francisco Gallardo believes that his squad was better than the rival: �Deportivo was superior and was better than Celta, but this is football and who scores wins the games. It doesn't matter the average of goals in both squads, I only know that we lost against an inferior squad, but we must accept that they knew how to play with their options." He also had some criticism against Pino Zamorano: "The rival lost too many time, and the referee didn't give us a benefit when he was obligated to do it."

Iago was one of the players that received more fouls in this game, a fact that he already expected: "I knew that this could happen. This aren't key decisions, but at the end this situations affect the development of the matches." The youngster also expressed his hope about the European chances for Deportivo: "Until there's life, there's hope. Nobody could take the illusion from us. We will fight until the numbers indicate another thing."

H?©ctor believes that the last thing that Depor must do is to blame the referee: "He was excessively hard with us, but we must not think too much on it. They say that the first goal was scored with the hand, well I didn't see it and what matters is that this goal counted." The defender also said that he will accept a participation in the Intertoto cup: "I will love to do it if that is what the squad deserves."

President Lendoiro is convinced that Depor didn't deserve the defeat, he also blamed Pino Zamorano for the negative result: "The score wasn't fair because we didn't deserve to lose. It looks like the referees aren't having good performances with Deportivo, It's a shame that the result of the game has to be decided in a play like this one."

Celta's coach, Fernando V??zquez, was very happy with the positive result: "We came here searching the victory, and our fans are really happy right now. It has been a long time since Celta won in this stadium and it's a satisfaction for Vigo. Now we have the chance to reach the UEFA cup, an extraordinary prize, we even have the chance to end between the top four clubs in the table." 

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