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30 Apr 2006
The opinions are divided in Galicia. Some papers believe that Deportivo didn’t deserve the defeat while others think that Celta was a fair winner. Once again the performance of the referee Pino Zamorano was criticised. What seems a fact is that Deportivo has only the Intertoto cup as a possible door to Europe; meanwhile, Celta is dreaming with the Champions League.

La Opinion A Coru?a: It should be a matter of attitude. There are teams that wins the derby's matches without help from the outside. Besides they do it with incredible results (0-5 and similar). However, other teams achieve the wins thanks to a few occasions and supporting the pressure of the rival during the entire match. Celta defeated Depor. The team from Vigo is good, that can’t be denied, but they didn't deserve this reward. It's sure that this would not happen if the referee Pino Zamorano wasn’t helping with his concert of errors, he harmed the local team and helped the visitor, they could give him a space in Celta’s personal museum. After all, without titles they need some imagination. Rodri Su??rez.

La Voz de Galicia: Fernando V??zquez demonstrated yesterday to have a good understanding of this Deportivo. He knew that they aren't able to surpass a solid defensive wall and he did anything possible in order to attack Depor with their own inefficiency. Celta was a deserved winner, not by its merits- they didn't gave anything to the spectator- but at least the squad was pragmatic and didn't commit mistakes. This liga is putting everybody in their own place, and at this time, is possible to say that the present Celta is better than the present Deportivo, a special thought taking in mind that the squad is under construction. There's hope in Vigo and now the important thing is to see if they will be able to maintain the same squad for the next season. In La Coru?a the situation is different, this transition period doesn't seems to be ending, and there are even doubts about the continuation of the coach. Fernando Hidalgo.

AS: A derby match is different from anything else. It's intense for the rivalry between both sides and unpredictable for the passion that the players feel. It's so unpredictable that yesterday Deportivo disguised as Celta and Celta as Deportivo. The Blanquiazul team took the control of the actions and dominated the ball without any reward, V??zquez's squad fought a war in midfield and took advantage of the strategy, curiously the best weapon of the rival. Even in the bench we saw a change of personalities. Caparr??s was serene and V??zquez very nervous, a situation that caused his expulsion from the game. And like any other classic, we saw polemic too. The goal scored by Silva shouldn't count since he used his hands, an action that Pino Zamorano didn't see. So, Celta wins in Riazor after eleven years and they are watching the Champions League, while Depor will go to the Intertoto... again. Luis de La Cruz.

Faro de Vigo: The UEFA is in the pocket and Vigo's squad will try now to achieve a qualification to the Champions League. It seems incredible to think that the victorious team that left Riazor yesterday is the same one that two years ago suffered in this stadium the descend to Segunda. The time has compensated the people that suffered that tragedy. Celta won thanks to their effort and also for the defensive performance, the squad played always with precautions, but they knew how to handle the situation since Caparr??s' team was ineffective. Once again, Celta rules in Riazor. J. Carlos ?lvarez.

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