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09 Mar 2011
Despite the victory Lotina was feeling sad for the injuries, the whistles for Antonio Tomás and the attitude of Ze Castro. Neither Lasarte was happy as he thinks that this was the worst game of his team on the season.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was saying that they victory could very important in the quest for the salvation, "The situation still complicated. To win every game means a lot of suffering and the team needs to keep the same intensity. Football will show up, because we are putting the players for it. It was a key game to wake up. I told the players at the hotel that we were forced to win, that this was a key match to reborn, three points that could be definitive.”

Later he was feeling sorry for all the injury cases suffered throughout the match, “Things were complicated since the start, because Aythami fell down an hour before the game, then the injury of Lassad. All the modifications were forced by injury cases and in that sense we were unlucky, but the team was highly involved. We have several casualties, but we have enough squad. We are losing Colotto and Rubén, but are recovering Lopo and Aythami.”

He also said that the coaching staff was worried for Andrés Guardado, who was going to be replaced in the second half, “The idea was to change him before, but it wasn’t possible and told him to stop and just stay at the centre of the pitch touching the ball, but he is competitive and wanted to run. We were worried about him.”

The Basque coach was feeling upset for two things, first because the fans were whistling Antonio Tomás, “It screw me up when people whistle one of my players just when I know that they are suffering as they are playing after suffering knocks, or with personal issues… It screws me up. I prefer to see them whistling me. There’s no need for that. I know it’s only two or three persons, but it bothers me.”

The other thing that was bothering Lotina was the absence of Ze Castro, the Portuguese was called at the last minute as Aythami was out of the game, but he didn’t show up at the Riazor, reason why Rochela was a starter, “We didn’t find Ze Castro. The logical thing is that any professional would come to the stadium in order to be with his team mates… Curiously he didn’t come today and we never found him.”

David Rochela lived a special weekend, on Saturday he had to play the full ninety minutes in the derby against Celta B, and two days before he did the same on this match, he was feeling happy with his performance. “I felt great. I am learning a lot during the trainings, and it’s easier when you are used to play with them.”

Meanwhile, Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ was content with the result, but not with the play that meant the goal for Real Sociedad, “We can’t relax and must always play at the limit. It is necessary to correct those mistakes that cost the goal during a counterattack.”

Diego Colotto was the leader at defense as Lopo was suspended; he was feeling content with the performance of his team, “We are growing little by little and the idea is to keep improving. We were forced to win and we saw that the attitude of the team was great.”

Adrian, who scored the second goal for Depor, was insisting that Depor must try to add positive results playing away from the Riazor, “All the team living at the dangerous zone are playing better when they are at home, but the best thing is to search for points when we play the away matches.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was trying to explain the issue of Javito, “We had fulfilled our duties: the papers for the transfer, the presentation of the papers to the LFP and the RFEF… We are tied up, because the Greek club didn’t fulfill its part. They are hammering us, but in these issues you can only say the same thing. Who has been affected is the player, because he can’t play. It’s FIFA the side that’s avoiding this as there is no problem between the clubs and neither with the player.”

Asked about the possible renewal of Lopo, Depor’s boss just answered that, “We are hopeful about seeing Lopo continuing at the club, and I believe that… but who decides is Lopo himself. We can’t do anything else than what we already did.”

At Real Sociedad, coach Martin Lasarte was saying that his team is not ready to fight for the European spots, “It is clear now that we aren’t prepared for major goals. We must feel happy with what we already have. It was a match in order to make a jump, and we didn’t do it. Besides, the team was really floppy. We made a bad game, terrible. The worst we've done. We weren’t a safe team. It wasn’t us. It is difficult to find a logical explanation. It didn’t look like the team that we want to be.”

Imanol Agirretxe scored his second goal in liga –both against Depor- He said that it was a hard game for him, “I was willing to play, though I found hard to find the pace of the game. They closed all the roads and scored just before half-time. The 2-0 seemed to be resolving the things, but I was able to score, since the 2-1 the team improved in attack and we were hoping to tie the actions, because the difference in the scoresheet was minimal, but we didn’t do it and now feel sad.”





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