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09 Mar 2011
Itís now clear that Lotina and Ze Castro donít have a good relationship, and the situation might get worse after the incident before the match against Real Sociedad. On Tuesday the agent of the defender was firing against the coach.

It called the attention that coach Miguel Ńngel Lotina didnít have any available defender on the bench for Mondayís clash against Real Sociedad. All after Canarian Aythami Artiles was a last-minute casualty due to gastroenteritis.

After the match the reporters asked the coach about the issue, and he explained that the club tried to find Ze Castro, but that there was no way to trace him. ďWe didnít find Ze Castro. The logical thing is that any professional player would come to the stadium in order to be alongside his team matesÖ Curiously he didnít come today and we never found him.Ē He said.

It isnít a mystery that the Portuguese central defender is no longer part of the plans of Lotina; the club tried to sell him during the summer and winter windows but the interest in him was never materialized into a concrete offer. Besides, since his name was written by the Riazor Blues on the walls of the Riazor as an accusation for his lack of compromise the Basque coach hasnít picked him for any match. But what wasnít known until Tuesday is that they barely speak to each other, something that was revealed by his agent.

Mondayís night game was his big opportunity for the ex-Atletico man, because Lopo, Seoane and Manuel Pablo were out, but even with three casualties at defense the coach never thought of him; actually Deporís manager preferred to rely on a player from Deportivo B: David Rochela, who in the end was the starting choice that joined Colotto at the centre of the defense.

On Tuesday Ze Castro didnít want to speak to reporters, but the agent of the player, Nuno Patrao, was called by all the radio stations in La CoruŮa and he fired against Lotina. First to all, he assured that Ze Castro and the coaching staff of Depor maintain a tense relationship, ďThe relation between Ze, the coach and his assistant [Ribera] is tense since the last year. But I think that in the summer everything was fine. Whatís true is that the player has always been a good partner, you can ask anyone.Ē

Later the agent defended the player saying that he was at Vigo with his mother and that he left his cell phone at home, reason why he didnít answer the call, ďZe Castro is always at the stands watching his team, what happens is that he wasnít part of the list and he decided to take care of a personal issue with his mother as she had to sign some papersÖ they were at Vigo and he forgot his cell phone at his homeÖ but he received the call at 8h15 CET, which means that he barely had time to arrive to the match at the Riazor. I didnít talk to him last night, but I did it this morning and he didnít manage to arrive on time.Ē

Patrao was even blaming Lotina for not taking more precaution measures, like picking an additional defender for the game ďI think itís incredible that Lotina is blaming Ze Castro for not been available. First to all, the coach didnít know if he was fine or not. Number two, when I talked to him on this morning, he told me that he had lost calls at 8:15 PM. Normally he goes to the stadium, but this time he was with his mother. It is a pity, because he canít be blamed for not been picked for the game. Lotina thought that Rochela was in better conditions, and is now Ze Castro guilty for the injury of Aythami? Normally, he arrives on ten minutes, and it isnít enough time to be ready. I donít understand how people are blaming him. It is a lack of responsibility. If Lotina has problems, then he should have picked twenty players.Ē 

Now, what seems to be true is that this incident might be the straw that broke the camel in the relation between Ze Castro and Lotina.



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