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10 Mar 2011
After the polemic with Ze Castro, Lotina said that nothing is happening and that all was pure bad luck. At the same time he was expressing his worries with the continuing injuries of Riki.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina talked on Wednesday and started giving his opinion on the conflict with Ze Castro, this after the Portuguese defender couldn’t be found before the match against Real Sociedad, “I believe that it was just bad luck. I was hoping to pick twenty players, but as nothing happens in the end and as I see that some players end screwed after been discarded… in several opportunities we had two defenders on the bench and nobody played, or I have had all the players at the stands and nothing happened. He usually is here for the games, like everybody else, but on Monday he had a personal issue with his mother and it was a coincidence. It isn’t important.”

Neither Lotina gave importance to the declarations of Ze Castro’s agent, “I don’t know who his agent is, neither know what he said. I don’t care. The player told me that he doesn’t takes any responsibility for his words, because he doesn’t agree with him. I don’t want to know anything. My mother used to say that I was the most handsome man and that had a long hair [he laughed]… Just analyze if I said that any of my players isn’t a professional; I said what I said and period. Sometimes I don’t take part of the trainings because I am at the dentist, and it doesn’t mean that I am not a professional. I never doubted of anyone.”

At the same time the Basque coach denied the idea that Ze Castro is not playing because he doesn’t have a good relationship with the defender, “With me the ones that play are the ones that I think should play; no matter I’m right or wrong. I want to win, and don’t care if I have to put the one with whom I have a bad relationship… If the team wins the I sleep in peace. I believe all the coaches do the same.”

In other subjects, the Meñaka-born trainer was expressing his worries towards the situation of Riki, who was replaced in the match against Real Sociedad due to an adductor injury, “I spoke with the doctor and the physical coach, because we will probably have to switch the training or make a prevention work, and it’s that this isn’t normal. First an adductor, then the other adductor, therefore we must be doing something wrong. He is a player that contributes with 6, 7or 8 goals that are important. I am really worried. It seems that he is prone to suffer muscular injuries, maybe because he sprints 20 times in a game just when the others make 4.”

Later, he analyzed the situation of the other players at the injury room, “Manuel [Pablo] is willing to play, let’s see how he is tomorrow and if he will be available for Sunday. We believe that Xisco might be fit for the next game [Levante]. Valerón is the player with the slower recovery and Antonio Tomás should be fit for Espanyol. Lassad only suffers a small case related to an ankle sprain and it isn’t discarded, while we will take care of Guardado on this week, he is just tired and should be available to travel to Barcelona.”

Finally, Lotina was giving his opinion on RCD Espanyol, his former club and Depor’s next rival, “They are, alongside Real Sociedad, the revelation on the season. They are practicing an attractive football and are having a lot of casualties and you paid for it. Osvaldo is injured, they have sold a central defender, but still, they are making a great season and should be content for it.”



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