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10 Mar 2011
Adrian Lůpez scored his first goal in liga since January; it was during the past game against Real Sociedad. Now the Asturian striker talks to newspaper La Opinion about his future and the present of Deportivo.

 Q: Since January, 2 against Athletic, you were missing to score a goal in liga. So, I guess you will be happy, isnít?
A: Yes, I'm happy because it was a very important game, we had to get the three points and take a step forward. It was necessary to earn a bit of calm for the latest results and everything else. We achieved it and the truth is that we're very pleased.

Q: Were you anxious as you spent nine games without scoring?
A: No, I never felt pressed. I said many times that if the goals donít arrive then thereís no need in feeling the pressure, because if you do it then you will play worse and I never felt that way. I was trying to make things right. I knew that the goals were going to arrive if I was able to work at the top.

Q: You demonstrated in the play of the goal that any a player feels comfortable if he finds the cracks...
A: Yes, I am a player who likes to have space, I'm not a player who likes to be alone in the area. I like to find the cracks and the meeting was open thanks to the 1-0 goal of Riki. Then, because of his injury, the coach puts me up front, there was more space and I was feeling very comfortable.

Q: You seem to be more comfortable at the wing than when you played as the lonely striker...
A; I've always played as a striker, not line a number nine, but up front. I like to play towards the wing and find the cracks where you can try one-on-one plays against the rival.

Q: Bad luck has been striking Deporís attackers: first it was Xisco and then two injuries on Monday, Lassad and Riki. Is it to be concerned?
A: It's bad luck to have them injured. Right now I've escaped from this during the whole year and, of course, I hope I will continue doing it. I'll try to follow the same path.

Q: This year you already have scored five goals in liga, which improves the mark of four had on last season. Do you feel you are maturing as a player?
A: Every year I try to keep improving, I think I'm moving forward and I'm happy for it. I know that every day I have to try to go further. I think it is something that we all the young players need to do. We must try to grow each year.

Q: With a streak of five games without a defeat, are you now optimistic about the season finale?
A: Yes, but we must be alert. The victory was very important, it gives us some comfort and the team morale is at the top, but we can lower the arms or much less. Here, if you lose two games and the others win two, then the standings are once again compressed. We must continue as before.

Q: Deportivo gave you the chance to debut At Primera on the season 2006-07 and now you end contract in June. Do you think your future can still link with the Blanquiazul club?
A: It's a pending issue, that's what my agent is doing. Since the last time that people ask me I donít know anything new. It's something in which I am not involved, I'm focused on playing, which is the important thing. We will see what happens.



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