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12 Mar 2011
Playmaker Michel talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and explained his feelings after returning from his knee surgery; he also warned about the presence of Verdú for Sunday’s game against RCD Espanyol.

Q: What have you been doing?
A: The knee is fine. It let me play, but always have to work twice a week, so I won’t suffer a relapse, the objective is to release some ligaments. I work with the physiotherapists for hour and a half then I go to the gym to work on it a little more. It is a matter of strengthen it.

Q: How do you feel?
A: After an operation you always have fear, but the truth is that I am fine. I suffer more hamstring problems than difficulties with the knee.

Q: Let's see if now you are going to suffer a hamstring injury...
A: No, no. That's normal. I have played two 90-minute games in a week, plus the three weeks that I spent at the stands, so it is normal to be a little tired, but it's nothing. Sure. Now I am resting at home and it will pass.

Q: Physically, are you now at 100%?
A: No, but at 98% yes. I am missing a game.

Q: And in a football sense?
A: I am okay. I am very happy with the team and the coaching staff, who have placed their trust in me. We were lucky to win the other day and I assisted Adrian for his goal.

Q: What does the coach ask from you? Is that last pass?
A: First, work and fight, which means intensity. And then, when I have the ball, to look for the pass, opening the game to the wing and reach the second line. Now I'm trying to find the goal. I would like to score as soon as possible.

Q: Against Lazio, during the pre-season, you already connected with Adrian...
A: He’s a good striker who makes better any playmaker thanks to his speed and his explosive output leaves the defenders far behind. You know he’s going to get any pass. You feel very comfortable playing with him, the same goes with Riki and Lassad. With Sand is different.

Q: The last playmaker that settled at Depor was Verdú, who on Sunday will be in front of you.
A: He's doing a great campaign. He is the revelation of the team. He is a great player. Every time I see him I look to learn. He has great quality. We must be careful with him.



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