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04 May 2006
Caparr??s is satisfied for the reaction that he saw in his team during the second half, a similar feeling was expressed by the rest of the players. Iv??n Carril was very happy with his first goal in Primera. In Espanyol the defeat is increasing the worries about the future of the club.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s praised the reaction of his team at the end of the match: "We now depend on ourselves thanks to this victory. We have to value the capacity of reaction after the 1-0 in the score, an unfair result for me at that point, we knew how to make the comeback."

The Sevillan coach also had eulogies for Carril and Trist??n, the two players that scored Depor's goals: "Iv??n Carril showed that he is playing in a important level, but we can't forgive about Trist??n's performance. He showed his professional attitude and has worked a lot for the team. The most important thing is that the squad showed a good capacity to react despite of the several casualties we are suffering."

The best player of Deportivo was without doubt Iv??n Carril, the youngster expressed his satisfaction for his first goal scored in Primera: "I wanted to score, I was hoping to reach my first goal in Primera. It's a liberation to me since I was expecting this moment. I'm very happy, a player always think in this achievement and you will search it until the last game."

Carril also said that he's waiting to enjoy of more opportunities in the first squad: "When the solutions don't arrive, you have to help contributing with something different. I'm content for this reason, and I'm wishing to enjoy more minutes in the next game, it would be important in order to get a proper rhythm, in this way I would help Fabril in the promotion to Segunda B."

Meanwhile, Diego Trist??n ended his negative period without scoring goals, a fact that motivates him: "For a striker the important thing is to score goals. I'm here for this reason, to score goals is an important thing because we want to qualify to the UEFA cup, a tournament that this time seems more possible to reach."

One thing that awaked several comments in the players was the delay in the trip to Barcelona, the fog forced  the team to travel first through the highway to Vigo's city in order to take the plain to the Catalan city, Francisco Molina assured that this situation affected the performance of the players: "It isn't easy to show a good perform after a trip like this one."

Espanyol's coach, Miguel Angel Lotina, recognised that his players are worried after the defeat: "The locker room is really worried, because after the victory against Betis we thought that the squad was saved. Now we still have to play two matches and the players have to face the situation together... and we also have to use the calculator."

Luis Garc?­a scored his ninth goal of the season, but it wasn't enough to avoid the defeat of his team, a fact that frustrates him: "We are screwed up, I must resume our situation with this phrase. We shouldn't let them defeat us in the second half. We are now in big troubles and we will have to play until death in the last two matches."

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