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17 Mar 2011
Depor’s coach gave his usual press conference at the start of the week; the Basque confessed that he still has to decide which of the players coming out from injuries are going to be picked for the clash against Levante.

Long press conference of coach Miguel Ángel Lotina in the first day of trainings before the clash with Levante UD –he talked for about sixteen minutes after the session- The main thing that he discussed was the situation with the players coming out from injuries.

Starting with the case of Manuel Pablo, “Today he worked with the physiotherapist, and they told me that the intensity of the work was high. He will train again in the afternoon and will depend on how is he tomorrow. If he comes without any problem then it will be an important sign. The logical thing is that he will be ready for Sunday, but we are going to wait for tomorrow.”

And there are more concerns for the coach, because he still doesn’t know if Xisco and Valerón will be picked for the game as it could be too soon for the duo, “Well, we will truly have some changes at the lineup, but don’t know yet who and how many. The advantage is that if no one of them plays on Sunday then we have fifteen more days before the next game, and the doctor told me that it could be too dangerous to hurry them.”

Lotina also talked of the case of Andrés Guardado, who was rested for the past match at RCD Espanyol, “The other day he was in treatment in Barcelona and the doctor said that the wound was healed, but the problem is the tireness after been playing so many games in a row. He just felt tired and missed the past game for precaution reasons.”

The coach even announced that Guardado is traveling to Mexico on next week in order to play a couple of friendly games with his national team, but that the club doctors will also send a report to Mexico’s national coach asking to avoid new risks for the player, “The doctors will make a report explaining the situation and let’s hope that he won’t play both games completely, not even one, and he was already warned.”

“He is already older enough to be telling him what to do. Neither have I thought that something could happen if he plays on Sunday against Levante and later with his national team for forty-five minutes. It’s difficult to remove the hope to any player about playing with the national team. They have a new coach and the player wants to travel. Besides, you are aware of these difficulties having international players at your team.” He added.

Later the Meñaka-born trainer was talking of his situation as his contract ends in June of the present year, “Until we have 44 points I won’t talk of the subject. The only thing that matters is to fulfill the goal and later we will see. It’s the lesser thing that’s worrying me right now.”

“I have a contract lasting until June 30, but work as my contract last for more years. If right now I watch an interesting player then I will warn the club, and I wouldn’t wait to see if I am going to continue or not. I have been called by some important players that want to come in the coming year, and if I see that’s interesting and can bring him, then I will put his name over the desk of the president. I can assure you that players ending contract at other teams have already phoned me. My obligation is to talk with the president and later we will see.” He finalized.



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