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18 Mar 2011
For the second time in two years Laure sustained an injury that should have sideline him for some weeks, but somehow the Madrilenian was able to return and been a starter against Espanyol. All of this in a season full of injury cases.

The season of Deportivo has been full of injury cases that have caused multiple casualties throughout the season, something that has just complicated the plans and lineups of coach Miguel Ángel Lotina. But there’s an exceptional case: the one of right-back defender Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’.

On the past season Laure suffered a serious tear in a muscle on his right thigh, it was feared that he was going to miss several matches, but in the end the player never missed a game. And it’s that the player confessed that he never felt any pain and played without any problems before the surprise of the doctors.

The situation was repeated on this season; the Madrilenian defender was a regular substitute on the lineups of Lotina, but since the Basque coach switched the system to a line of five defenders he became a regular starter. On the past week he sustained an ankle sprain and it was feared that he was going to miss the game ay RCD Espanyol, but he surpassed the problem in a few days, again the doctors were surprised.

Laure himself explained to reporters how he was treated during the past week, “The physiotherapists treated me with a lot of ice and plasters, besides they worked hard to release all the liquids from the ankle. With the drainage almost everything is coming out and I'm finding myself increasingly better.”

“I played with a bandage; you don’t have too much mobility, but although it hurts, the true is that the pain isn’t so strong. There are moments, especially when you release long throws, that you don’t have the normal precision, but you don’t think of it because you are focused in the game. Neither is so important, maybe the sprain wasn’t so serious after all.” He added.

In this way Laure is just one of the four players at Deportivo that haven’t missed any official game due to an injury case during this season –the others are Adrián, Rubén Pérez and Desmarets- and for him the important thing is to continue helping the club, “You want to be there, and you need to do a nice job, because Manuel Pablo, Morel and Seoane are there, which means a hard competence. Each day I feel more important inside the team, and want to keep adding things so we can save ourselves as soon as possible.” He finalized.



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