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04 May 2006
The capacity to react of Deportivo was praised by the media, the appearance of Iv??n Carril is the main fact that the papers wanted to emphasise, Tom??s Guasch in AS even compared the youngster with Rivaldo. In Barcelona the papers criticised the lack of enthusiasm showed by Espanyol, the Catalan squad has now to search its salvation in the last two matches of la liga.

La Voz De Galicia: When the quality is short, specially if you are missing men with talent, and when there is no more solution than to look for the goals, the medicine is to replace the defensive players for offensive ones. Caparr??s applied the prescription, he did it replacing a pivote (De Guzm??n), sending V?ctor to the centre -the player with more talent of this team- and leaving Iv??n Carril on the wing. And Caparr??s guessed right. Deportivo enjoyed 20 minutes of good football, enough time to make the comeback and dream about the UEFA cup. Like it happened in  Riazor, Lotina knows this Depor very well after four confrontations, so he planned the game in the way in which it could generate more danger to the Galician squad: He gave the initiative to Deportivo. It isn't an accident the fact that Depor handled the possession of the ball throughout the match. Lotina knew that this Depor is dangerous with the counterattack and in set-pieces actions, so he avoided the first possibility. The second one is uncontrollable, and it gave the victory to Deportivo at the end. Alfonso Andrade.

AS: Depor like others, doesn't walk alone. The Galicians are following the inheritance of their legends, a winning memory left by Mauro Silva, Djalminha, Bebeto, Fran, Donato, Makaay, Rivaldo and even Djukic. This great past let them act in the most complicate moments, like this one, in the middle of reconstruction. They have the magic Caparr??s, and also the left-footed Iv??n Carril, maybe an equivalent to the best Rivaldo. They also have the winning touch of Diego Trist??n, comparable to any striker since Claudio to Makaay. Two goals when everything seemed lost, including the game and the train to Europe. Espanyol complicated its life in a brutal way: from the 1-0 and the salvation with 41 points, they ended just two points from the disaster, 38 against 36 of Alav?s. The night in which Barcelona won la liga. The disgrace never come alone... and for Espanyol it isn't the exception. Tom??s Guasch .

El Ideal Gallego: Caparr??s' squad achieved yesterday a new win thanks to the law of the minimum effort, but they showed an offensive solvency that let them achieve a comeback in the score. Luis Garc?a's goal at the end of the first half generated some worries, but the entrance of Iv??n Carril gave more criteria to the offensive sector, he scored the equaliser and sent the ball that Trist??n headed on goal. With this victory the Galician squad continues to depend in itself in order to achieve the seventh spot, an the Intertoto objective will be a thing to celebrate, because is important to remember that yesterday, the squad even missed Iago, the Galician player suffered vomits and fever, he joined the long list of casualties in a team that can't give more, because is simply impossible. Alberto Torres.
La Opini??n A Coru?a: Espanyol plays in the highest places, not of the table but of its city, In Montjuic, the so called 'magic mountain'. Yesterday Depor had to climb it. They started losing the game and they saw how the things get complicated. An the Blanquiazul squad is short of magicians. Without a big spectacle and with a first half to forgive, the Galicians showed some spirit thanks to the leadership of a boy, Iv??n Carril, the squad surpassed the local blow and achieved the three points that let them aspire to Europe, trough the Intertoto, we must remember this. But the mountains don't end in Barcelona, they are everywhere. The good thing is to know how to climb them although the glorious times of the Everest are in the past. Rodri Su??rez.

Sport (Barcelona): The game was ugly. Espanyol never seemed superior to Depor, a team that we must remember is living a transition period and that don't have the same potential of the past, but Lotina's players did the most difficult thing when they took the lead in the score, Luis Garc?a invented a goal with a long-distance shot. With the 1-0 in the score everything was controlled and the category was almost secured, but nobody could imagine what would happen later. A superb left-footed strike made by Iv??n Carril was the first hit, the draw was a heavy lead since the Catalan squad demonstrated weakness, they simple fell down. The 1-1 wasn't a bad result... but it escaped too. Juan Carlos Gracia.

El Mundo Deportivo (Barcelona): There aren't enough arguments to explain the defeat and the poor individual performance of Espanyol. The defence was vulnerable when they felt the pressure, midfield didn't exist and the two strikers were just spectators of the match. Obviously the fans remember Jarque and De la Pe?a, two starters that missed the date, but it was more a conflict caused for employee absenteeism than a problem generated by the casualties. It's hard to explain how a team used to play finals and that knows how to play under pressure, let its rival to complicate its own season in a game like the one we saw last night. It was against a rival devaluated, that didn't care about the three points. Espanyol was in the middle of a party: 1-0 and time to sleep. The punishment was a defeat of incalculable consequences. It's clear that Espanyol's players didn't study the calendar, they thought that the win over Betis and the draw with Zaragoza were enough. Now when they will start to make calculations, they might start to fear the reality. Andr?s Astruells.

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