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31 Mar 2011
The group of six clubs opposing to the strike in liga succeeded and the judge determined that it was illegal, however la liga association was ready to lift the strike by its own decision; therefore there will be football on the weekend.

On Wednesday’s morning judge Purificación Pujol decided to accept the arguments of the six clubs that were against the strike --Athletic Bilbao, Espanyol, Real Sociedad, Real Zaragoza, Sevilla and Villarreal- She believes that the calendar in the competition can’t be modified and therefore the strike was considered as illegal.

In her resolution the judge said that, “The calendar at Primera and Segunda División for this weekend should stay the same, because in this way it won’t change a situation already established through a previous negotiation that was legal, practical and peaceful, a decision that was approved on July 19th, 2010 by the president of the Spanish federation without being a disputed fact. So the strike is illegal as it would bring harm to the protected right (Official Calendar of the League) and that has also generated an expectation of rights implied by the fulfillment of the calendar."

Anyhow, there were signs that la liga was thinking in breaking its own strike; late on Tuesday the clubs made the call for an extraordinary meeting to be held in la liga headquarters for Wednesday’s morning, and the newspapers suspect that the meeting was to lift the strike and establish the hours for the games.

In the end the meeting never took place as the decision of the judge was cancelling the strike, curiously just minutes before the resolution was public la liga was releasing the dates for matchday 30 at Primera División, which invites to think that everything was just a “show” to get the attention of the general public. Without forgetting the fact that la liga had the right to appeal the decision of the judge, something that won’t occur.

But it can’t be said that nothing has changed, because clearly there’s a division inside the liga association, as example just to point out that the vice-president of la liga, and also vice-president of Sevilla FC, José Maria Cruz resigned to his job as a protest for the way in which the institution handled the issue of the strike. It only indicated that the war for the television incomes still on.

Calendar for matchday 30 at Primera División:
02/Apr : 18h00 CET: Real Madrid CF -  Real Sporting  
02/Apr : 20h00 CET: Getafe CF -  Valencia CF  
02/Apr : 22h00 CET: Villarreal CF -  FC Barcelona  
03/Apr : 17h00 CET: Real Sociedad -  Hércules CF  
03/Apr : 17h00 CET: RCD Espanyol -  Real Racing Club  
03/Apr : 17h00 CET RC Deportivo -  RCD Mallorca
03/Apr : 17h00: Levante UD -  Málaga CF  
03/Apr : 19h00 CET Sevilla FC -  Real Zaragoza  
03/Apr : 21h00 CET CA Osasuna -  Atlético de Madrid  
04/Apr : 21h00 CET UD Almería -  Athletic Club



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