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05 Apr 2011
As it could be expected, the entry of Valerón for the second half was the main thing emphasized by the papers; the media is convinced that it was the decisive factor that turned the match upside down.

La Opinión A Coruña: El Flaco puts the football. Deportivo deserved to win, especially for what it did in the second part. In the first forty-five minutes Los Blanquiazules committed several errors. When you are in a difficult position at the standings it is important to keep a cool head and the players of Deportivo played with excessive pressure. The team was powerless, it abused of the passes that in the end didn’t create scoring opportunities and each player was making war on their own. Valerón’s entry provided everything that Deportivo needed and released the pressure from his team mates. Not only he put the football, besides, in the minutes in which he played he was even capable of turning Mallorca into a bad team, side that was overwhelmed and that failed to counter the reaction of Depor. In the first part, with a thousand passes nothing was achieved, and with twenty of Valerón there were a lot of scoring opportunities. All the players improved with El Flaco. In addition, Xisco, although not been at the top in a physical sense, materialized the opportunity that he had and changed the future of the game. Lotina also guessed right with the three changes. Manuel Mosquera

La Voz de Galicia: The debate on Valerón returns. Thanks to the football that he still has, Valerón led Deportivo to a crucial victory. After an indecent first half, the Canarian gave life to the team mates that during the first part failed with a crash. Lotina’s plan didn’t work. The team had no depth, no punch, no game, no nothing. And in front Mallorca limited itself to capitalize the unexpected goal of Webó and it was noticed its lack of need. Deportivo, clearly, was living a different situation, for that reason it was encouraged by a loyal group of fans, who were constantly cheering them up.

 The weight of Valerón in the victory reopens the debate about the role of El Flaco. Which is logical for all that he meant in the recent history of the club, and Lotina should normally not be influenced beyond what the player's performance can offer. Without thinking twice, some players said that Juan Carlos should always play. An error. Valerón is not a goal, but a means to achieve the victory. Any man who plays as a coach just ends distracting. And Depor is not for distractions, because it still has to play eight games.” Fernando Hidalgo

Xornal de Galicia; When today's meeting reached the pause, the result at the Riazor was 0-1 in favor of Mallorca, against a Deportivo that was once again despairing the fans in the first part, the same fans who had accompanied the players from long before entering the stadium and that, despite the ridicule against Levante, were encouraging their men. The whistles at half-time were more than justified, and very few at the Riazor imagined that an afternoon as sunny as this would have had a happy ending.

And it’s that in the first half Mallorca took the lead on the scoresheet thanks to a goal from Webó in a confusing play at the Blanquiazul defensive zone. The Galician team hadn’t created any danger throughout the first act and neither was at the height of the expectations of the fans nor of what was at stake.  In the second part, the attitude of Depor had nothing to do with the first act. Lotina allowed the entry of Valerón taking the place of Pablo Alvarez, and the Riazor witnessed the beginning of another game.

The Canarian had a direct participation in both goals from Deportivo, those that worth the victory. And the team understood that the best defense is a good offense. It continued seeking a third goal, and Teixeira swallowed a penalty on Guardado before expelling Webó for assaulting Rubén Pérez. With the final whistle, the Riazor celebrated a victory that allows Depor to pay off part of its debt to the fans. The afternoon was sunnier than ever. Omar Bello

AS: Valerón resurrected Deportivo. There are games which bear the mark of a player, one of those players who aren’t abundant and that are able to change the script of a drama into a comedy with his talent. That's what happened yesterday at the Riazor with Don Juan Carlos Valerón. Mallorca was the owner of the match and the scoresheet until the break, when Lotina allowed the entry of El Flaco. Those 45 minutes were perfect, full of quality football and a genius who refuses to hang up his boots. The Wizard of Arguineguín rose Deportivo with precision and vision. Goals from Xisco and Lassad were the prize and at the same time the punishment for a Mallorca that, yesterday, it forgot that football matches last 90 minutes long and not just 45.

The truth is that Deportivo went out to the pitch with the intention of being faithful to the philosophy of Valerón: playing football, but El Flaco wasn’t on the field. Lotina vetoed the phrase “long throws” to his players, too common in Depor’s game on this season. And his players followed the rules, giving the output of the ball to Rubén Pérez, who performed between the two central defenders and with the side defenders joining the attacks. It wasn’t a bad idea, but against Mallorca, a well organized team, it didn’t tickle. Joao Victor and Marti were commanding midfield, Depor was recovering the ball very far and when it reached the danger zone, Nunes and Ramis had no problem to close all access routes to Dudu Aouate.

Lotina looked at his blackboard at the locker room looking for a solution and underlined a name: Valerón. El Flaco, who has only started one game on this season and that played his last minutes in matchday 22, came out to the rescue. His presence turned the stands and his team mates. After 45 minutes in white Xisco only lasted 50 seconds to finish a dangerous play. With Valerón on the field, the ball began to move, to fly. The walls were meaningless, the closed space became highways and Aouate began to learn that he had not returned to A Coruña just visiting. The sensations soon became realities. Luis de la Cruz

Marca Valerón, to the rescue. Juan Carlos Valerón dynamited a Deportivo that was asleep and absent in the first half, thanks to the Canarian his team turned a game against Mallorca (2-1). Laudrup's team met a goal of Webó in its only chance on the game and went into halftime thinking that it was its less sweaty victory of the season.

 The entry of Depor’s number 21 meant a change of direction. Lotina’s men found their reference, someone who could do more than just a soft pass. Lassad and Xisco took advantage two of his interventions to beat Aouate and provide oxygen to a team struggling for the permanence. Pablo Diaz.

El Pais: Valerón enlarges his legend. Everyone in A Coruña was clenching their teeth when, two weeks ago, Deportivo was suffering a lesson against Levante at the Riazor. Since then a lot of good intentions were heard, all calls for unity. In that way Lotina, for once, recovered his injured players to have available the cream at his squad. The crowd believed in the cause and several of them met three hours before the match in the centre of the city to make an exercise of faith and push the team bus to the stadium.

Rocked with such anticipation and frenzy, the players, who after all are the ones who have the last word, did even the most difficult thing: to not complete a  shot on goal throughout the first half. Once again they were unable to gain control of the ball; it gave the initiative to Mallorca, side that also failed to make any boast to take the lead.

The thick restlessness gripped the stadium, the inaction of the players and the depressing feeling that they left on the grass forced Lotina to look to the bench at half-time. There he found Valerón. Some people say that he is not ready for football in 2011: the physical demand, the pressure on the opponent and what they call solidarity understood as the capacity to run after the ball with earflaps. But Valerón is football.

He may trot on the pitch and only covers a limited range of action, but yesterday he obviously contributed to take Deportivo out of trouble. He did as usual, with the ball at his feet and head up looking for partnerships. While he worked in short spaces Valerón didn’t drown and was the master of the game, he set a new pace and built a comeback that worth gold for his team. The mutation was so obvious that it should force his coach to valorize the role that the veteran playmaker must have in this last stretch of the season. Perhaps, with the level of the current Primera División, Valerón is more a necessity than a luxury. Juan L. Cudeiro.

Diario de Mallorca: Unacceptable attitude at the Riazor. It seems incredible that top-level professionals, such as Mallorca’s players, throw overboard a match that was perfectly on track. With a goal scored against a dying opponent, with nerves to the surface by the real possibility of relegation. Without any emergency at the standings –for the moment- Laudrup's team went off the game without knowing why. Deportivo only needed veteran Valerón -marvelous at his 36- to turn off the match. Is the difference between a team that took the game as if it was a final and another that was on vacations, despite it wasn’t like this.

It is unacceptable that the team with lesser goals in the tournament -23 goals in 29 games, until yesterday- not only scored twice, but also created six or seven clear opportunities before the goal of Aouate. In the second part the team lost the attitude. Laudrup has realized that there is a problem. If it can be used to recharge the batteries for Saturday's game against Sevilla, then something will be gained.

They were unable to give two straight passes. You can’t obtain anything positive from yesterday’s joke. The least you can ask to a team at the elite is to give two passes in a row. But at the Riazor we didn’t see it. They played through long throws, which must hurt a coach like Laudrup, he was exquisite as a footballer. The team missed spark, it had no intensity, and neither the desire. We didn’t see the usual spirit of Webó and Nsue, in the absence of other virtues they always give everything on the field. Tejera gave the impression that the many accolades that he has received lately have already climbed to his head, while midfield was a plot against the push of Deportivo. Ricardo Cabot.



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