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08 May 2006
A new frustration for Caparr??s, the players and the fans attending to the stadium, that’s the resume of what happened in Riazor. The dedication of Arizmendi, the curious words of Clemente and specially, the frustrating speech of Caparr??s in a local radio were the most commented issues in the media.

Joaqu?n Caparr??s was really frustrated with the defeat, and specially with the errors in his squad: "The rival scored once again in stationary plays. This are things that we worked during the week and... but... we see this situation happening again and again, this isn't bad luck and we have to analyse why this is occurring so often, because Athletic didn't generate any danger until the play of the first goal. After that, we had a chance to score, we missed it and later we allowed the second goal. We wanted to give a happy goodbye to the fans, and it wasn't possible."

During the press conference, the Sevillan coach didn't want to talk about the near future or the planing for the next season, but a few hours later Caparr??s confessed his frustration in Cadena SER: "I don't know if I have the illusion to lead a new project in Deportivo. I will have a meeting with the president on this week and then we will decide some things."

This declarations started a new speculation about his exit from Depor, but yesterday the same Caparr??s clarified his speech: "When you have lost a game in front of your fans, you always say things that don't correspond to reality. It's the way I am, very impulsive. It isn’t true that I nor my agent have met with any other clubs. I am very happy with the work done by the president. We have to believe in what the club’s officials do for the future project."

Finally, Caparr??s announced new changes for the crucial confrontation against Alav?s: "You have to give merit to what this squad has done with all that the things that have occurred on this season. Yesterday we played with three Fabril's players and there may be more for Alav?s. I am concentrating on beating Alav?s and getting into Europe trough the Intertoto."

Manuel Pablo was very concise when he judged the home campaign of Deportivo: "We have gave too many facilities and here we are." He also showed his hope of achieving the qualification to the Intertoto cup: "We must do it, and let's see if we can continue with our good run in the away games."

H?ctor also expressed his frustration for the defeat: "We wanted to win here and solve the theme of the Intertoto for once, but we didn't do anything during the second half. So, we will play our season's chances in Vitoria." The defender didn't want to comment about his future in the squad: "I have a contract, so I'm  in the hands of the club's officials until they say anything else."

Iago Iglesias obtained a nice reward in this game, he played 61 minutes meaning that the club will give him a professional contract for the next campaign, however the youngster wasn't happy with this situation: "I can't be happy because we suffered a defeat in a game that we already have in our hands. Maybe it could be different in some days."

Javier Arizmendi scored a goal after several months without doing it, he also performed in the right wing and admitted the problems that he lived covering the position: "Well, I was lost there at the beginning, but later I found my place.? He also wanted to dedicate his goal to a special person: ? I want to dedicate the goal to myself, because I expended a lot of time without doing it."

It has been speculated that this game was the last one of Diego Trist??n wearing Depor's shirt at the Riazor, and the Sevillan marksman confirmed this situation with his declarations: "I scored eleven goals on this season and I know that the expectations of the fans are huge, but I leave the club with a happy face. I expended six wonderful years."

The happiest man in the stadium was Javier Clemente, the Basque coach had a particular vision of the public's desires: "I believe that the public at the Riazor wanted a victory for Athletic, because they know that this is a historic club and the result secured the category. For me is more important the fact of maintaining the place in Primera than achieving a title."

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