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09 May 2011
As it could be expected, the media hammered the work of referee Estrada Fernández, but it also praised the performance of the whole team, especially the guidance of Valerón and the goals of Adrián.

La Opinión A Coruña: Just one play. Yesterday's match was decided by one single but determinant play. It wasn’t Aranzubia’s stop in the first minute. Neither the non-existent penalty that was whistled against Laure –the ball hit his back- Neither the chance that Adrian failed in the second half. Not even the penalty at the stoppage time for Sporting. For me it is the play of Riki. It was a great pass from Valerón to the Madrilenian. Juan Pablo went out to clear out the ball, but he didn’t touch it. Riki jumped and fell down inside the area. You can’t skip that play. The goalkeeper went out to roll over the rival. It should have been penalty and expulsion. 0-2 and Sporting with ten men. Beyond these actions I liked the game of Depor, both in defense as in attack. Very smart the constant changes of positions between Guardado, Adrian and Riki. That fact prompted Sporting as it had a lot of troubles defending Depor’s attacks, team that was arriving at ease. It dominated the actions during the first half and during the first fifteen minutes of the second part. Then it ended tired and struggling by the flanks. Luis Rodriguez Vaz

La Voz de Galicia: The robbery of the season. In football anything can happen until the referee whistles the final. It often happens in games that generate excitement. Few would discuss it. But yes, it was shocking what happened to Deportivo at El Molinón, the scene of an exceptional case, featuring by a referee that the old fans in La Coruña immediately associated with Mazagatos, a name etched in the history of the Deportivismo, for been described as the author of the first robbery at the old Riazor. Vicente Leiracha

La Voz de Galicia: When football goes beyond the bounds of justice. Sometimes, more than we think, football transcends the limits of justice. Sometimes, a team wins or loses for reasons that escape from a logical explanation. When it's against your team, the world falls on you. You tend to be surpassed by a blind rage against everything, and the team loses a lot of energy trying to fix something that you can’t solve. It's unfair, but there is nothing to do with it.

That’s the present of Deportivismo. There was a penalty for Sporting that it wasn’t, and another that outrages because it is more than doubtful (Barral falls as if he was hit by a sniper from 500 yards, but Rubén Pérez touched him) but mostly it's extremely inconvenient. The anger at the refereeing decisions is a useless expenditure of power. In the current situation is better to see Depor morally rearm, to take the positive reading  that can be extracted from the game (which are many) and to address the meeting with Athletic Bilbao as if there wasn’t an afterlife. Because there is really no afterlife if the team doesn’t achieves the victory.

Depor brushed the triumph and it tastes worse when it escapes on this way. You end up with a fool face as a team that almost never scores away from home scores twice and also creates a lot of opportunities for more, and even then it doesn’t manages to win away from the Riazor. The grin is frozen when you see that, again, in Gijón a referee puts all the possible obstacles to achieve your goals, as it happened on the past liga campaign. But you have to stay with the return of Adrian, inexplicably forgotten within the last month. With the fact that Riki was in good shape after a long time. With the fact that Valerón endures and that this scenario makes him better than the 80% of players in la liga. And with the fact that Colotto is a titan. Also to point out the tremendous moment of fellowship had by the fans with the team, something that can never fail.

And despite the anger clouded reasoning, we must not forget that Sporting hit twice the crossbar and that Aranzubia had to make his usual saves. The matter of justice is according to the perspective of the beholder, it may be the thought of the Asturians. The game in Gijón is over and there’s no time to give more laps, because on Tuesday a victory against Athletic is a proof of life to continue negotiating this emotional hijacking in the fight against relegation. And then justice doesn’t matter much. It worth another unfair penalty at the last minute... if it’s to win the game. Miguel Piñeiro

Xornal de Galicia: Who is bothered by Depor and Celta? The fans of Celta can’t believe what happened. Their team fell down 0-4 against Girona at Balaídos and giving a pathetic impression. 18h55, Los Celestes assumed the defeat, angry, kicking and cursing the disastrous attitude of their team. 18h09, Depor’s fans began with hope the struggle for the permanence with a goal from Adrian. 19h58, Los Blanquiazules were outraged with the work of the referees as they were stealing two more valuable points. Incredible. Is there a black hand? Anyone bothered by Deportivo and Celta? Noela Rey Méndez

Marca: Cruelty struck Deportivo at El Molinón, stadium where the Galicians left two points in the stoppage time that they will remind all their life if they end going down to Segunda. If that happens, nobody will easily forget Estrada Fernandez, the negative character of a game played with intensity between two teams, as it was a matter of life and death. Probably the only thing in which this disastrous referee was right throughout the ninety minutes was on the last play, a penalty of Rubén Pérez for been pushing Barral when 30 seconds were remaining in the stoppage time. The striker didn’t miss and put his team one step closer to the permanence. While Deportivo, with a difficult schedule ahead in the dramatic final three matchdays (Athletic, Valencia and Barcelona), is in the air. Fran Villalobos

El Pais: Maximum penalty for Depor. As in the first round at the Riazor, Sporting bagged two points to Deportivo at the last minute. In the fourth minute of the injury time, Barral entered the area as a buffalo, waited contact from Ruben Perez and then he fell down. The referee, well placed (?), waited for the opinion of his assistant and pointed to the penalty spot. Depor's players, who were almost always ahead in the scoresheet thanks to the teaching lesson of Valerón and the smell of Adrian, wanted to eat him alive. After the final whistle even Lotina came to midfield to rebuke Estrada Fernández.

While the game was running through normal channels, all the lights lit on Valerón. After spending most of the season as a secondary character, the Canarian is now in charge of operations. From the playmaker role, escorted by two defensive pivotes, Valerón plays and make his team mates play. He participated in all the attacking actions of Deportivo, especially in the first half, and showed up to his coach that the years are less important when you possess quality. Valerón put the football and Adrian the goals. The Oviedo-born striker put his team on winning ways and perhaps deprived of it when, at the beginning of the second half, missed a clear chance against Juan Pablo. The pass, gorgeous, was made by Valerón. Mario Diaz

AS: Estrada leaves Adrian without honey. A tense game ended in a controversial final in which Deportivo protested the draw of Sporting in a penalty of Rubén Pérez over Barral. The referee Estrada Fernandez had an afternoon full of errors, which resolved in a peculiar way, with more damage to the Galician team. Deportivo came out more focused on the game, pressed by the need at the standings. Lotina put Riki and Adrian as the must opened players on the pitch and Valerón as the playmaker. The Canarian disarmed the rival and the Teverga-born attacker was the one that scored the goals. More noise was made when Estrada whistled a penalty of Laure when the ball struck the back of the Deportivo’s side defender. Ayoze transformed it into goal and Los Rojiblancos spurred.

When the third minute of the extension was played, with the party already at the stands for Depor’s supporters as they were already celebrating the victory that approached the permanence, it came the play of Barral. The Cadiz-born man fell down after a contact with Ruben Perez, who put the boot with innocence. The assistant of Estrada pointed the offense as the referee didn’t see anything. The action was protested so angrily that it cost a warning to Ruben Perez after the game and could cost a sanction to Lotina. Barral transformed the penalty and got a draw that keeps the Galician in the air and leaves Sporting virtually saved. Manuel Rosety.

Comercio Digital (Gijón): It was necessary to wait until the final rush to certify a tie in a game too tense in which Los Rojiblancos sought the victory in a match that soon became uphill. In the end, a point with polemic that’s useful to achieve the permanence, unless an unexpected catastrophe. From the first whistle it was noticed that the meeting was fraught with tension, though Deportivo, which was playing for more things, gave the impression that it was more mentalized for what was at stake, backed by an extraordinary "Marexada" that spoiled its players.

If the penalty in the first half of Laure was inexistent, then in the second there was a very clear one, for the hands of Aythami, an action that Estrada ignored in his string of errors. It was a phase in which the Asturians were attacking, the visiting defense multiplied, but offered some blind spots. However, Los Rojiblancos  failed with their precipitation, which was increased with the passage of the minutes.

When the Galicians relished the victory, then it occurred another controversial play. Barral built up a play on the right wing and was assisted by Ruben Perez, who touched him with enough strength to uneven the player. The assistant indicated the foul, which was ratified by Estrada Fernández against the massive protests from the Galicians. It was the third of the four minutes in the stoppage time. The penalty was transformed by the Cadiz-born player. After removing the ball at the centre, there was no time for more. Barral saved a point that tastes like glory, it approaches the permanence, after a strange game, very tense, with a controversial referee. Manuel Rosety



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