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09 May 2011
Fury, outrage and complains; those were the reactions after Deportivo could only add a point at El Molinón, with the referee been the protagonist as he whistled two inexistent penalties.

Everybody was furious after the end of the game, coach Miguel Ángel Lotina even lasted thirty minutes to give his press conference. Still, he was upset and fired against the referee, “We were saved in a moment and suddenly I ended with a team crying at the changing room. Those two points were crucial for us and the situation has turned to be complicated.”

“I didn’t know that the back was penalty. It is difficult to see something that doesn’t exist. I watch it from the bench. I also believe that Juan Pablo should have been sent off. And in the end a penalty that was only saw by the linesman…We were unlucky, because he only saw what was happening at our penalty area. “ He complained.

And the Basque man continued talking of referee Estrada Fernández, “I would love to see him watching the game again to analyze it. A least he could see that he was wrong. But if he does it with cider and with a great dinner… I hope he could have the ability to make an analysis, to see the back of Laure, though he wouldn’t watch the expulsion of Juan Pablo. For what he did he could end sending a team to Segunda. The permanence was passing through winning on here.”

Finally, Lotina is now worried of the state of mind of his players after the hard hit suffered at the end of the game, “We have a tremendous job to do, which is to lift the morale of these players. But we still depend on ourselves. With six points we will be saved. I am careless of what Osasuna can do.”

The first player that talked to reporters was Rubén Pérez, who commented the foul that caused the second penalty. As it could be expected he was upset with the referee, “I knew he [Barral] was going to try to force the penalty as soon as he could feel my presence… so I was on tiptoe, and as soon as he noticed me he fall down into the ground. Then, when we asked the referee, he told us that the penalty was committed by Aythami.”

“The referee was against us, the penalties came out from nowhere. He knows that he was wrong, and it seems that they just came in order to watch a football game. It wasn’t just for the penalties, there were a lot of fouls from them and only three yellow cards were shown.” The Andalusian midfielder added.

One of the few good news in the game were the two goals of Adrian; despite been the Pichichi at the team the Asturian attacker was feeling sorry for what happened on the pitch, “We are feeling outraged; we were counting with the victory and these points meant a lot. It would have been perfect.”

Similar were the thoughts of Juan Dominguez, “You have to ask the referees about what happened on here. I want the referees to watch the game again, with calm, they should check what happened on here. We have a bad taste in the mouth, but I am convinced that we are going to save ourselves. Football has been unfair with us, but we will see justice in the end.”

Laure, who caused the first penalty, was complaining of that action, “It looks like we are always complaining, but it’s that these kinds of things always happen to us. The ball hit my back! I do not know if there is a black hand, but they are doing enough damage. I told the referee that the ball hit my back, and that he was going to watch it again later. But he told me that he had seen what had happened. What are you going to ask from them? They want to see Deportivo going down and are making our life impossible ".

Saul Fernandez, who watched the game from the outside, wrote on his twitter account that, “In the play of Riki in the first part against Juan Pablo they are taking two points from us!!! We are feeling screwed with the work of the referees, but wishing to play on Tuesday… Because we are going to win!!!”

Even president Augusto César Lendoiro, who rarely criticize the referees, was complaining, “We have made a great game and I believe that we controlled the actions, but it always occur something like this to us here in Gijón. The first penalty was a joke. When you are playing for your life these decisions must be clear, and it wasn’t like that today…for one side everything was whistled, but at the other side nobody saw anything.”

At Sporting Gijón, coach Manolo Preciado was having a different view, “The second penalty was clear and they even told me of another penalty for the hands of Aythami. We played against a magnificent rival, a team that created a lot of troubles. We were unable to neutralize Valerón on the first part. Depor played very well, nobody has played like that against us in the second round. They had the chance to sentence the game, but they didn’t do it, and football is like this. But I don’t think that the final result is unfair. If Depor defeats Athletic on Tuesday they are saved. Good luck to Depor in what it remains on the season.”

Striker David Barral, who scored the second penalty, confessed that, “Lassad asked me to miss the penalty. During the play I gained the position and he fouled me. The point is great for us and they can’t complain of anything. We knew it was a complicate game, but in the end justice was done as we tried to equalize the game in any possible way.”

After the first goal of Adrian, the fans of Deportivo at El Molinón started to celebrate and at that moment a barrier, separating the stand from the field, fell down. Fifteen persons got injured and needed medical attention at the stadium. Three of them were taken to the hospital. The spokesman of Sporting, Jose Luis Ribera, was releasing the news, “Fifteen persons were assisted, fourteen of them were Deportivo’s fans. Three of them were rushed to hospital Cabueñes.” He said after the game




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