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10 May 2011
New confrontation between the last two coaches of Deportivo; Lotina is trying to keep his players on focus after what happened on Saturday, while Caparrós is saying that his team is coming for the victory.

Miguel Angel Lotina and Joaquín Caparrós know each other really well, a few coaches at Primera División have had so many meetings in the past, and it’s that this is the twentieth confrontation between these two men (eighteen times in la liga and two in Copa del Rey). So far Lotina is leading the series  with eleven wins, while Caparrós added six triumphs, the other three matches ended in a draw.

Caparrós left La Coruña three years ago; and since then he has only achieved one victory over his former team; it was on the past season as his Athletic Bilbao defeated Depor in the last liga matchday of the season (2-0). The other six encounters against the Galicians ended in five wins for Lotina and one draw.

To mention that Caparrós is reaching his game 185 with Athletic Bilbao, in this way he is surpassing Luis Fernandez as the third coach with more matches at the Basque club, only below the marks of Javier Clemente (289) and Juan Urkizu (235)

Depor’s coach talked to reporters on Monday’s evening; he started saying that despite Depor is in relegation, the final position at the standing will be decided by the players themselves, “The future is ours, it is what we want, not what other people say. I already talked to the players and they are on the same line. We must forget everything and only focus on tomorrow. “

“We can’t lose more energy on what should have happened, but to think of tomorrow and follow the line of the last game. Nothing can distract us. Winning tomorrow means that a lot of doors will be opened.” He added about the issue.

The Basque coach also confirmed that Manuel Pablo and Guardado aren’t totally fit to play, and that a decision will be taken tomorrow, “Yes, they are trying to surpass some physical problems. We will see how they are tomorrow.” He didn’t want to confirm anything about the possible starting eleven, neither did he during the training session as the trainer didn’t allow the presence of any journalist.

Lotina didn’t want to talk of the polemic with referee Estrada Fernandez, but at least he said that, “I don’t repent of anything. Neither of the journey, nor the lineup, nor the changes, nor what I said… I don’t regret a word.”

It has been rumoured that he could be suspended for the rest of the season due the confrontation against the referee, but the Meñaka-born trainer preferred to joke about it, “Mourinho stayed at the hotel the last time and his team played wonderfully. I am thinking in doing the same [he laughed]. I haven’t thought on it. It’s the less important thing if I am there or not. Ribera can manage the team as I do, even better. We both prepare the games and nothing will happen.” 

Finally, talking about the rival, Lotina is predicting a though meeting for Depor, “They have spent two comfortable seasons and it means something. They already have a pretty style and it’s a pretty solid team, for that reason they are at the top. We are waiting for a tough match.”

Athletic’s coach gave his press conference on Monday’s morning, just before the trip to La Coruña. He was talking of the complicate situation lived by his former club, “It isn’t necessary to remember that I wish them the best, because I've been in that house and I know how the fans feel with their team, the professionalism of the coach and the high commitment of veteran players, who are the people that I know, as Valerón, Lopo, Manuel Pablo...."

“But we are playing for a major goal too, which is to go back to Europe on next season and been able to end the liga season at the fifth place. For this reason the needs of the rival are secondary. Our obligation is to achieve a positive result in tomorrow’s game. The rival can’t have a bigger intensity or level of concentration. Tomorrow we must be at the top if we want to clinch a good result that will keep our aspirations for next season.” He added.

The Utrera-born coach was also asked for the past visit at RCD Espanyol, match where his team tried to hold on a result and ended losing the game, “I hope this time the players will keep focused and that we won’t commit the same mistakes. We lost for some specific errors, but we never speculated with the final result. It isn’t a matter of been speculating, but it’s clear that we can’t be surpassed in terms of intensity and concentration, at least we must be at the same height than the rival. I hope we have learned the lesson for these final three matches.”

Caparrós was also talking of the fact that he will be the third coach with more games at the club, “I am a modest coach, somebody that hasn’t had much effect in a football sense, and to be in a club as big and as important in the world as Athletic, then it means a personal satisfaction to me.”

Finally, he was taking a look to the past four years, period where Athletic has been under his command, "We could have committed some mistakes, we could have played better, worse, regular or even badly, but what you can’t deny is that this team has had ambition within these four years. Each year we have been improving, we have been very self-critical, and that means that we are fixing our many flaws. That has been my goal. I could have liked the fans more or less, but the level of self-criticism and demands of this group is important. "



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