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12 May 2011
All the newspapers unanimously praised the game of Valerón and his guidance to obtain a crucial victory for Deportivo. The papers also point out that the Galicians were lucky enough to score both goals.

La Opinión A Coruña: Effort of Primera, Valerón shows the way. If something can’t be reclaimed to this Deportivo is sacrifice, fight, intensity and effort. The rest is another story. It can achieve an easy victory or a suffered one, but about the rest few things can be asked. Yesterday’s game was a lesson of honor and how to overcome adversity. It is similar to what the fans at the Riazor are doing in this final stretch on the season. Support no matter what happens, though the game is twisted since minute 3. It was the worst that could happen and it happened. A defensive error thanks to a highway between the central defenders and direct rail for the 0-1. It was time to come from behind. Time to suffer. In this sense, the final victory tastes better.

The comeback of Deportivo had a key factor, Valerón, who showed the way to recover from adversity as the goal that came so early, Athletic’s goal. It wasn’t expected that it would arrive so early, although it was expected a game like this, with too many inaccuracies and a poor quality. Athletic received the option to score and it did it through two or three forgetfulness of Deportivo, but didn’t give anything else. However, with intensity and commitment Deportivo managed the game and put it at its side, not with the needed clarity to win it, but to decant it slowly. We were waiting for Valerón and thanks to him and Adrian the definitive play that caused the explosion arrived. Deportivo and its fans, thus always together, are giving a great joy. The win leaves a good feeling, but the results in the last two matchdays must also help. Furthermore, it is helpful to start each matchday outside of the relegation zone, so you can start controlling your own destiny. Manuel Mosquera

La Voz De Galicia: The dynamic duo rescues the Riazor. Adrian and Valerón became Depor's superheroes. Their superb understanding and two goals with a touch of the magic wand of fortune served to disarm Athletic. The Asturian drove the ball during the two local goals, which bounced in two rivals before kissing the net and loose a sigh of relief at the stands.

The Asturian striker, who was denied by referee Estrada Fernández to bring the victory in Gijón, again claimed a role of a vital player for to the survival of his team. Vertical and strong, always looking for the cracks, endowed with a top speed out of reach for the opponents, Adrian received the unanimous recognition of the stands when he was replaced at the final stretch by Lassad.

Valerón wasn’t behind him, perhaps it was his most complete game in recent times. Limited in previous games to release short passes in far zone from the area, yesterday he was like a beacon for Deportivo where he knows to harm the opponent: at the edge of the area. He even was incisive in defense, so much that Caparrós praised him after the match.

As if it was Batman and Robin, El Flaco and the son of Patona wore their best clothes to hold on Depor and avoid the pit. The U-21 international player, so crucial in the first round match at San Mamés, didn’t wrinkle although the goal of Toquero frozen the legs of Deportivo, especially of their defenders, who took ten minutes to react.  Pablo Barreiros

Xornal de Galicia: The Riazor shut some mouths. How many mouths silenced by the fans in recent weeks. How many! Deportivo got back into the cover of the newspapers. And not just because it was -and continues to be in serious danger of relegation to Segunda Division- but because of the impressing and unconditional support of a group of fans that have filled the Riazor in three matchdays in a row, plus a mass journey to Gijón and even at a training session behind closed doors for the players, this in order to show their courage. Until the end.

 Those who said that the fans joined the car of Deportivismo as the team was winning titles and that are now off the car as the team is passing through bad times have now no arguments in this first season in serious trouble. Perhaps there’s no other group of fans with the same union and commitment with their team. The criticisms will come when it's over. Never before. We haven’t heard of those who insisted that La Coruña had more Real Madrid’s and Barcelona’s supporters than Blanquiazules. They have no arguments.

 Yesterday, when defeat was the condemnation to hell, Riazor pushed incessantly. Between their breaths, the magic of a player like Valerón and a very limited team, Depor won. And saved or not, its fans will forever be at Primera. Miguel Pardo.

El Pais: Recital of Valerón. Deportivo won and it’s victory, agonic as a few, rescues a club, a city in which the players, coaches, club’s officials and fans have lived a nightmare since last weekend and after a cruel draw in Gijón and after the results of direct rivals left them inside the relegation zone. And it barely damages Athletic, which has virtually assured his return to Europe. The game left, in any case, the confirmation that the big guys always decide. After being on the verge of retirement, with a tendon on his left knee donated by someone, three times operated, yesterday Valerón gave a recital. Just when his team needed him the most, when some team mates arrived surrounded by pomp and speculation which substantial transfer and didn’t stand with the ball, Valerón, thread that leads the best Depor, showed the best of his endless repertoire.

Athletic didn’t demand too much, team that handled itself with extreme coldness in an electrifying atmosphere. It wanted to play with the anxiety of the opponent, also with its greater resources. For example, Llorente, who has dreamed with a companion like Toquero, the fellow that puts pressure, runs and works hard. Llorente sent a header against the crossbar just before the game came to the rest. After the break, it allied with the clock, which ran too fast for Depor, who never ceased to be stuck, but saw the sky with Valerón. Juan L. Cudeiro

Marca Valerón refuses to play at Segunda. As the major part of Deportivo’s players try to fight with tooth and nails to get out of the clutches of relegation, there is one that fights with his head and with quality. Valerón shows every time that he jumps into a pitch that is a top class player, one of those struggling to enter into Europe, but that for various reasons is struggling for salvation. Thus, the Canarian has a very clear goal: he wants to leave football next season enjoying at the place deserved by Deportivo.

The truth is that when you're in a situation as complicated as the one of Lotina´s men, it is always welcomed a bit of luck alongside the magic of El Mago de Arguineguin. The midfielder put the class, the assists, the dribbles, the order and the serenity, but the luck, which also is sought, put the goals. With two own goals, one of Gurpegui and the other of Castillo, Deportivo surpassed the initial goal of Toquero. Pablo Egea.

AS: Valerón dribbles the lions. The permanence at Primera isn’t an easy task for the poor, and yesterday Deportivo found out until which point the suffering can go against an Athletic that never surrendered. At the worst moment Valerón showed up, proving that good players become great when the greater is the adversity. El Flaco gave a recital from the beginning to the end and the icing was the play of the goal that was certifying the comeback, leaving Deportivo very close to the desired permanence. Great player, just as a group of fans that showed why the team has spent twenty years in a row at Primera and without whose faith and support may now be talking about something quite different.  Luis de La Cruz.

El Correo (Bilbao): Athletic fires against its own foot. Deportivo, with the suspended Lotina in front, gave a lap of honor on the field after the game ended. It wanted to thank the Galician fans for their tremendous support. But they were rude, because in that celebration they didn’t invite Athletic’s players, those who had done the job by scoring two own goals that gave the victory and that at the same bring anxiety to the half of la liga that’s struggling to escape from Segunda A.

 Riazor was a boiler and Athletic the main protagonist of the feast for Deportivo. The visiting players left the pitch as the authors of the three goals in the match, but all the three points stayed at home. The game wasn’t won by the most accurate side, but by the team that most sought the result and, especially, who had Valerón on its side, who signed a game as in his best days of 'crack'. Analysis aside, the Lions have reason to complain of misfortune. If there is something missed by Depor on this season is the goal. That was complimentary by Los Rojiblancos. Javier Ortiz de Lazcano.



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